January 14, 2017

Sketch.Paint.Print. - Print No.5

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.5

Hiya and Happy New Year! I took an extra long break from mid December until last week and am ready to get back to "normal" life. On a personal note, my surgery went very well and now the waiting happens. With any luck, the surgery will have nudged the second phase of this disease to begin and I'll no longer look like a one-eyed pirate. (ARRRRG)

I've decided to continue the Sketch.Paint.Print. creative project with a tweak. Sketching and then printing and THEN painting the exact same thing? Yeah, not my cup of tea. Short attention span and all that aside, I've decided that it will be one or more of the three. As you can see, this week it's print. More antique scissors to be precise - adore the little buggers.

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.5

I recently purchased this book (which I HIGHLY recommend) and used her technique for layering colors. In the past I've done it this way and this way - very similar. But I love how she uses the overlay and a base "jig" - seriously, get the book.

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.5

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.5

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.5
(more) Antique Scissors with Gold Background

To see more printing and sketching and painting:

December 25, 2016

Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! We're having our first unconventional Christmas ever this year right down to the bicycle and cactus wrapping paper. (Sorry for the grainy pics)

Merry Christmas

Lucy, in all her puppy enthusiasm, adores trees and limbs and sticks in general.
You can figure out the rest.

Merry Christmas to you! May you have a holiday filled with love and peace.

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