July 27, 2015

Sketchbookery: Meet the Arteest

Sketchbookery: Meet the Arteest

Hey guys! While perusing my favorite blogs this weekend, I came across a project called Sketch Dailies on Jenny's blog. This looked like such a fun art journal prompt that I jumped right in and subscribed to this daily dose of drawing/sketching/painting encouragement. So without further ado, I bring you "Meet the Arteest"...a.k.a...

Sketchbookery: Meet the Arteest

...things I love and things I can't abide. My family verified that this does, indeed, look like me and I nailed the likes and dislikes. Actually I had more dislikes but I didn't want to appear too ornery.

Sketchbookery: Meet the Arteest

Please feel free to toss a few of your likes/dislikes into the comment section.

NOTE: If you'd like to join in, simply use #Sketch_Dailies or @Sketch_dailies.

SUPPLIES USED: Micron pen, Sakura Koi Watercolor set, Winsor Newton brush

July 1, 2015

Simple Solutions: DIY Weekly Planner

Handmade Weekly Planner

It's freaking July already! You may remember this post earlier in the year lamenting the fact that my favorite Moleskine planner is no longer in production. As a result, I got desperate creative and made my own.

Just finished my third and, I gotta tell you, in many ways it's better than the original Moleskine. It has the added feature of being an original - as colorful or plain as I want. Of course, I don't do plain. But you get my drift. 

Here's a little peek and how I made it work for me.

Handmade Weekly Planner

I decided to make my third planner cover July through December. With that in mind, I needed to create this booklet using signatures (sections of folded paper as opposed to one booklet with one set of folded pages. Each set is called a signature). 

This booklet has four signatures. Each signature covers two months with the fourth being plain paper for adding extra notes. I used this tutorial for connecting the signatures to create the finished text block. 

Note: Since this is a planner and not a "forever" book, I took an easier route when connecting the text block with the outer cover. Here's what I did...

Handmade Weekly Planner

Once the text block was created, I attached it to the outer cover by stitching in and out, down once and then back up through to the center of the booklet using my waxed linen. (Similar to how you would create your first signature.) Once I went down and then back up I knotted the linen on the outside to form the finished booklet. Comment below or contact me if you'd like a more detailed explanation.

Now for the features...

Handmade Weekly Planner

Handmade Weekly Planner

I prefer the weekly planner. At the beginning of each month I attach a fold over month-at-a-glance page. I put a tab at the top of each one to easily find it. The image above shows the month open. Below it's shown closed. 

Handmade Weekly Planner

Handmade Weekly Planner

Again, using the weekly overview available through Scattered Squirrel, I show each week on one side and a blank page for notes and/or sketches on the opposing page. This took a bit of creative tweaking. Using Photoshop, I created a page with one week printed only on the left side. I flipped the page over and reprinted it, again, with the week printed on the left side, leaving the right side blank.

Handmade Weekly Planner

One of my favorite features of Moleskine is the back pocket. To make this, I used a greeting card envelope, again tweaked into an expanding envelope by replacing the lower part with an accordion folded piece of paper. The upper flap keeps important things safely tucked away.

Handmade Weekly Planner

That's it! July - December completed and ready for use.

June 25, 2015

Sketchbookery, Sources of Inspiration, a Few Books (and lots of links)

Art Journal: Quiet Minds

I've been dabbling. Motivation is still a huge factor but I keep the sketchbook, paints and brushes close at hand as a constant reminder. It's encouraging to see that this sketchbook is slowly but surely filling.

As for my online sketchbook, I'd prefer that it be complete. That it include the good, the bad and the ugly. Because, let's face it, ugly does rear it's head. Plus it makes the good so much sweeter! Annnnywaaaay...

Art Journal: Quiet Minds

The beginning and middle of this one was an epic fail. But then I decided to go back and plow through, paint over and outline. It's a meh. Love the quote though. 

Favorite Art Accessory - Artist's Pouch

I can't leave my love for the artist's pouches buried. I currently have four in use. So, one day I did a rather crude sketch. This awesome eraser made it into the sketch as well. 

Favorite Art Accessory - Artist's Pouch

Favorite Art Accessory - Artist's Pouch

Same materials as above. Minus the white get pen and adding in a couple of Derwent Watercolor Pencils. Those are pretty darned wonderful, too. Ever try them? Learn how here.
Intense Love in White & Turquoise
This was my quote for February. I wrote it again using blue and green watercolors then topped with said white Uni-Ball Gel pen. Have I said that this gel pen is the bomb? No?

Art Journal - White on Navy

The Uni-Ball pen. It's the finest opaque white pen I've found to date. Hence the over usage. Pretty sure I needed to cover up a horrid mistake so blue craft paint covered the background. It was shiny. I probably won't use it again. 

Art Journal - White on Navy

My Favorite Sources for Art Journal Inspiration are:

Book: An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers

Artist's Blogs:
Tommy Kane - His gorgeous sketches and dry sense of humor kill me.
Liz Steel - Think loose teacup paintings alongside striking architectural renderings.
August Wren - Her commitment, creativity and ability to churn out daily paintings blow my mind.
Dispatch from LA - Pure entertainment and inspiration.

For a smattering of inspiration:
My Sketch & Journal Pinterest Page

And in other news...

Reading. It's my kryptonite. I collect books from thrift shops but prefer my Kindle Paperwhite. You know how some people sleep with their cell phones? I practically sleep with my Kindle. I'm not advertising for them but it is the best thing since sliced bread - I kid you not. I get free (and not so free) books through Amazon as well as digital books through my local library. YES, you can check out digital books from your local library. (see below)

A few recents:

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller*
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr*
The Exceptions and The Girl She Used to Be both by David Cristofano*

*From this list you can clearly see that I adore odd love stories involving but not limited to post apocalyptic worlds, wars and the mafia.

Click here to find out if you can check out digital books from your local library.


Did you get all that?

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