May 5, 2016

Artful Blogging: Recapturing the Creative Person

Artful Blogging: Recapturing the Creative Person

Last year, the folks over at Artful Blogging Magazine contacted me about writing an article and as a regular reader for many years, I was truly honored for such an invite!

Artful Blogging: Recapturing the Creative Person

It was decided that I would talk a little about my recent illness and how I worked to find creativity during a difficult period. I think that any creative dealing with chronic illness would understand the difficulty in summoning not only energy but inspiration as well. 

Artful Blogging: Recapturing the Creative Person

Art Supply Organization for Travel & Home

In the article, I discussed how I like to keep my most used art supplies close at hand to provide a gentle nudge. Later this week, I'll go into more detail to show you just how I've fought and tamed the great art supply beast. Yes, I reduced it to this reasonably sized duffle. :) Stay tuned and, hopefully, you'll pick up a few ideas yourself!

For more details about Artful Blogging Magazine and to find out where you can pick up a copy, visit their site here

April 21, 2016

Sketchbook: Magnolia 4/18/16

Sketchbook: Magnolia 4/18/16

Because I couldn't get enough magnolia after this debacle, I was compelled (or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment?) to rethink saucer magnolia in watercolor.

Sketchbook: Magnolia 4/18/16

It worked better in watercolor.

Sketchbook: Magnolia 4/18/16

So, I'm back in Atlanta now. Back in the studio and full of spring/summer visions for bags and pouches. I. Am. Ready Freddy. More on that later. 

Have a good one! And be sure to smile like you're up to something. 

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