October 12, 2016

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 (Sketch & Print)

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 Sketch

Seemed like it had been too long since I'd REALLY played around with lettering so last week I dug down deep into my file of favorite quotes and came up with this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 Sketch

I sketched it out and (again) decided print before paint. For some reason, printing in stark black and white helps me to work out any balance or general wonkiness issues. So...

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 Print

I carved my little heart out using this fantastic easy carve lino from Speedball. Super easy and absolutely no crumbling but it is a little more pricey. Anyway (and sorry for the fuzziness of the above photo), the word "wild" is entirely lost amongst the greenery. In the words of my husband, it was a hot mess. So, I carved a little more.

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 Print

I carved away a few of the plants across the bottom.

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 Print

And I think it helped. The word "wild" is now more visible. So. I'm happy.

Sketch.Paint.Print. #4 Print

The end.

But not really because I'll be painting it next.

Want to join me with this project? Just use #sketchpaintprint

October 4, 2016

Our Morning Walk (and Some Painting Progress)

Mr. Darcy???
This is the view I see each morning while walking with Lucy. Notice the fog across the way?
I call this view, "Mr. Darcy???"

Lucy in the a.m.
This is my view a little later as Lucy freezes over a squirrel, or a chipmunk, or a deer, or...

Watercolor Home Portrait
I'm plugging away and (hopefully) making progress with the custom home portraits.

Watercolor Home Portrait

Today, I head back to the mountains. I. Cannot. Wait. It's been over a month - probably the longest stretch EVER. Weather? Mid to low 70's. Sweaters? Yep. Booties? Yup. Bonfire? Most definitely a yup.

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