August 12, 2016

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 (Print)

Sketch.Paint.Print. #1 (Print)

Happy Friday, folks! If you're in the south, aren't you just loving this humidity? Don't you wish it would hang around for, like, ever? Me neither. If you're not in the south, do you have humidity? Want some? If I could box it up and mail it your way, I would. Suffice it to say, the box would turn to mush and fall apart before it could complete it's journey.


Aside from walking/chasing/sometimes cursing/always loving Ms. Lucy Goose, I've been indoors working on this first project for Sketch.Paint.Print. It's been a fantastic distraction and I'm pretty sure that at this point, you'll see project #2 on the horizon. Yes. It's that fun.

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 (Print)

Sketch.Paint.Print. #1 (Print)

Sketch.Paint.Print. #1 (Print)

Truly, the interesting thing about working in three different mediums is that you really get to study your subject. You explore different techniques and finally, you get a good impression of which version you prefer.

Sketch.Paint.Print. #1

I have to ask. Which version do you prefer? On this one, I loved the paint stage - probably because it's been while since I've played extensively with paint. Twas lovely.

I am full on into this now - there's no turning back. Okay. I can turn back but I won't. Care to join me? Just tag #sketchpaintprint and @studiowaterstone. I and everyone else can check out your work.

Have a good one, friend. Hope your hair doesn't frizz.

August 10, 2016

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 (Paint)

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 Paint

I really loved this portion of the project. Seems as if all the painting I've done recently (when I have painted) has been different, much more loose. This brought back my love of paying attention to detail.

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 Paint

Sketch.Paint.Print Project 1 (Paint)

Sketch.Paint.Print #1 Parts 1 & 2

I'll be honest, there were doubts about this particular project. Whether it would hold my attention as I have a tendency to want to move on to the next thing. Seems that changing up the technique only makes it more interesting.

Who knew?

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