December 3, 2009

Wristlets & Totes & Wine

Remember when I mentioned that I tend to go into a frenzied creative state? Well, after traveling for several weeks, I am definitely in the stupor phase now.

The creative state is still there, but in a much calmer, focused form.

Remember the purse and tote I made? The tote has been sold...

It wasn't even for sale!

I considered this to be a good thing and, well...

I made a couple more.


Admittedly, I can't pass up a Goodwill now without running in to check for supplies.

Here's another tote.


On top of that, I have 28 bracelets to make by the 18th - I'm pacing myself and remaining calm. Christmas shopping may happen online this year.

In between working, I'm playing.

One more thing. This is my friend, Lynn, and I when we went to the wine tasting festival located at Thomas Jefferson's home in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Thomas wasn't able to make it.



  1. you are a talented talented lady Lori. I love the bags you've been doing. i want them all.
    i want that second bag listed in this post.
    it's INCREDIBLE.

  2. I know just what you mean about creative states. I'm like that with writing - sometimes it just flows and sometimes writing a couple of sentences is pure torture! Looks like you've been very productive though. I gave my husband your website address for Christmas - hint, hint!


  3. Those totes are adorable! I love the pattern of the fabric!


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