February 25, 2010

Easy Cardigan Alteration

You've been there. Shopping, I mean. You're in the Lucky Brand store and feel quite frenzied because they're having the holy grail of all sales, a "50% off the lowest price" sale. You find this cute little item for a song, take it home only to realize that it really doesn't look that great. You try to take said item back only to realize - duh - this was a "final sale, no return" item.

Time to get creative if the item is to be salvaged along with my pride and good graces with the hubby. I got the following idea for a super easy cardigan alteration after viewing this tutorial on the Angry Chicken blog. After tweaking, this is what I did.

This is the item. A cute little jacket which, unfortunately, hung a little boxy.



notice the sleeves, wasn't too crazy about them either.
I know, apparently there wasn't much that I liked about the jacket once it came home.

I cut the band off of the sleeve. This is a knit fabric, so no raveling.
I cut about 1/4" above the band, creating a tiny ruffle. Hmm....
Must be something I can do with this.


I gather the back of the jacket into little pin tucks and basted.
Then I pinned the strip of the sleeve band across and zig-zagged.
(perfect for hiding unsightly seams)


End result - a cute little fitted cardigan. Now I'm loving it,
even the sleeves, which by the way, I don't have to hem. Added bonus.


Must say, I'm feeling a little Anthro :)


  1. Good idea! I have about 3 of those boxy things that look bad on me. I'd like to add some length too. You've inspired!!!

  2. Such a fabulous idea. SO stinkin' cute too!

  3. Wow.. this look way better than the initial boring top! You are awesome. I would have been too lazy to even think of altering it so usually I will never buy clothes without trying them on at the shop. No trying? No buying then. lol.

    Have a great weekend (flaunting that new top)~ ;)


  4. YOU ARE AMAZING! I would buy that in a store! Wow! Pure talent! :) Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme Designs...I would love for you to stop in and visit! :) Thanks for making my friday better! Meme

  5. what a good thing you've done with that jacket! it's super cute now - and it didn't go to waste, or the bottom of your closet, like most of my wardrobe rejects.


    ps - thanks for posting to my thread in the forums on etsy, that is how i found your blog!


  6. Wow! Looks great! Gives it a nice shape!

    Have a fabulous weekend!




    Eeeee this made me so excited :)

  8. This is a great way to fit a jacket! Wow, it looks totally different!

  9. What a great solution, it turned out perfect! You're right, very Anthro!!! Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  10. very clever...I love to alter clothing...will keep this idea in mind!


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