February 24, 2010

Death & Taxes, Dresses & Purses

Hello sweet friends. I am stuck in a corner of my bedroom today working on taxes. AGHHH! But I am taking time out for a shower, a LARGE cup of coffee, and to show you what I've been up to - other than Turbo Tax.

Remember the beautiful orange suede I'd acquired? Well this is only a small part of it. I'm excited that a great deal remains to play with yet again. Every single iota (except the lining) is made from recycled materials. Uh-huh.



Remember also that I was excited about making a dress after so many years? I couldn't find anything that struck my fancy in Vogue or McCalls, but New Look had this. Denim is popular this year, so I think I'll try to pick up some lightweight chambray to make the "B" view. I'll make it a little shorter - right above the knee and it'll be so cute with my little cardigan and sandals.


Enough stalling. Must. Do. Taxes.


  1. Cute and cute!!! I'm still reeling from the tax weekend! I did it all by hand cuz I don't have a program set up yet.........ugh......

  2. I just can't get over the gorgeous bags you are making! That is so awesome. The dress is darling. I want to find the time to make myself a couple of things for the summer too. I haven't sewn clothing in eons! Mailed our taxes yesterday....but we don't do our own. Have fun!

  3. Wow I'm super impressed by the bag that you made-- it's so pretty and I'm loving all the details you put into it. The fact that it is made from mostly recycled materials is an added bonus!

    I feel your pain on the taxes. I started mine this past weekend and need to sit down and finish them sometime this week. Ugh.

  4. I didn't know you had this blog as well, but am pleased to discover it and lost in admiration of your energy!

  5. Thanks so much for the great compliments! The positive reinforcement means a great deal.

  6. I hate taxes. I'm glad the coffee took the edge off of doing them.

  7. Thanks, Andrew. Coffee takes the edge off of everything for me. :)


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