February 7, 2010

Found It

Last year I began to look for an old china cabinet/hutch for the dining room. I wanted something old and inexpensive to paint and distress. Well, look what I found yesterday.

We came across this Ethan Allen solid pine hutch at a consignment shop for 199.00 and I got it for 179.00! I think it will be white, but hubby is in favor of a color. Any advise?


I'm starting on it this week, so stay tuned for updates and the finished product. This is one excited girl. :)


  1. leave it dark brown, it's gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment!
    Hope your weekend was great!
    Happy new week,

  3. The brown in the picture looks good, but in real life it's REALLY scratched up. I'll admit I did think the same thing when I saw the picture for the first time. Hmm...

  4. Hi Lori.
    Thanks for your comment, I've looked at all your blogs and am really impressed by your art and your strength to cope with your child's illness... I think I'll keep stopping by ;-) Carole x

  5. What about gray... or mustard yellow... or turquoise? :) In order of preference :)

  6. Right on, 31! I hadn't thought of gray. A light turquoise is my first choice. Second is yellow. Great minds and all that, huh? Thanks for the suggestions.


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