March 23, 2010

is it just me???


Is it? I can NOT seem to leave things alone - constantly tweaking the blog and the website. In all honesty, I do believe that it should be looked at and reevaluated regularly. However, I guess it's my love of graphics that makes me want to change every. single. time.

Anywho, I've changed my main website - again - and would absolutely LOVE some constructive feedback, suggestions, etc. If you will leave your website link (or your blog) and are willing to accept constructive criticism, I would love to provide my feedback. For my website, just click the link above or click here. Then post your critique here in the comment section.

Remember, leave a comment with your link, ask any questions you'd like, and I'll pay a visit to check it out and I'm hoping you will return the favor. Just takes a few and helps so much.

And for goodness sakes, have a wonderful day. :)


  1. it's not just you! i want to change out my banner again, it's just a creative thing! thank you so much for stopping by and your comment! susan

  2. You can check out my website!

    I'm not very technically skilled with coding so it's pretty basic, but tried to keep it stylish as well.


    And.. NO.. you are not the only one tweaking! That is the very reason I'm on blogger right now! (

  3. Your site looks great! Na dI know what you mean about constant tinkering and tweaking.. I do the same! ;)

  4. I think your site looks wonderful! It's so simple, yet extremely effective. What can I say, I think it's brilliant.

    I'm constantly updating and changing mine all the time, but I feel as though it's exactly how I want it now =) You can take a looksie if you like:

  5. Thanks girls. Glad to know I'm not the only obsessive one out there.


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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