March 1, 2010

Sundress for Spring


Finally got a few pictures of the my new sundress for spring. I fell in love with this fabric. As mentioned in yesterday's post, the pattern was so easy to sew. It's basic enough that you can tweak it until (as we say in the south) the cows come home plus it has five variations for the top.

Tweak, Tweak, Tweak.

NewLook #6557


I stitched the top cross-over so that it wouldn't gap open at the most inopportune time.
The waist and A-line skirt is super figure flattering.
Sounds like I'm trying to sell it, doesn't it?

Any new projects coming your way? Tell me about them.


  1. Oh it is so cute!! You did a great job on this and it fits you perfectly!! I sew all the time, but am very afraid to make clothes.... you're inspiring me though! I may have to give it a try!

  2. Thanks, Angelina. If you already know how to sew, you can definitely sew this project. Keep me posted.

  3. Coming from a girl who wears shades of black and gray, this dress is beautiful!

  4. Oh, my gosh, I am so impressed!! You made this? It's gorgeous! You may think it's easy and basic, but it sure doesn't look that way.

    Now we just need warm weather, right?


  5. It turned out great! I love the fabric too. You'll have to make at least one more!

  6. What a lovely dress - the fabric is the perfect mix of delicacy and zing!

  7. Thanks Debi & Mise. I'm definitely going to make it in another color. Or maybe teach the 17 year old to make her own. I was always thankful my mom taught me to sew as a teen.

  8. Nice dress! Love the Japanese print and it's cheerful colors.

    It's been WAY too long since I last sew a garment.. My sewing machine sure needs some oiling now. lol

    Have a beautiful day~


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