March 14, 2010

thoughts on photography


There are always two people in every picture:
the photographer and the viewer.
~Ansel Adams


Truer words were never spoken. Right now my thoughts center on how important photography is - in capturing your loved ones, beautiful scenes, or your product - and how obsessively we strive to capture the perfect image.

I've used different methods over the years and remember advise a professional gave to me. He said that I should try to take an outdoor picture right before it rains to get the best light. I think at the time he was referring to photographing my paintings. Back then I was using my Pentax K1000 SLR - NOT digital. Now I use a little Canon point and shoot. My favorite technique is next to the window, but out of direct sunlight.

I've never claimed to be that good, otherwise I'd have the answers.
However, I continue to obsess over capturing the best photo possible.

What's your favorite photography technique?

Do you rely heavily on photoshop or some other photo editing software?

Just a thought. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Hi Lori!
    I love your new clutch!!
    I don't take a lot of photographs except of jewelry. But my favorite is on a bright, and cloudy day. No sun.
    I normally just use Picasa for my picture editing, and all that entails is a little cropping, and Auto contrast- and I'm usually pretty happy with the turn out.

  2. That is a cool clutch!

    I used to take everything outside and photograph in the shade. I also used to use my lightbox. Now I just spread my background cloth and shoot.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. What a cute dog! See the what I focus on!

  4. Beautiful photos and clutch! You know how in love I am with your bags! I shoot by a south facing window early in the morning of a sun-filled day!

  5. Yes, nice, diffused lighting is the best. I take all my product pictures in a light box and then they go through photoshop, but I do know natural lighting can be the most beautiful of all. :)

  6. I love photographing on a bright overcast day. The light is diffuse and perfect for capturing small details and beautiful photos.

    I do photoshop all of my pictures a little, just to crop a bit and adjust the contrast and colors slightly, to get the very best look.

    I find that photographing on a clear day tends to lend a bluish cast upon all of my photos, while inside, my photos look a bit reddish. Photoshop helps bring the natural colors through.

  7. sweet pictures :) i just recently started editing my photos with pse and i love the actions and textures you can use with it! thank you for visiting! susan

  8. They say the best time to shoot is in the very first and last hour of sunlight in the day because the sun is in the perfect location and won't get in your eyes! That's speaking portrait photography though =P

    I've been using this free program I found to touch up my photographs = it's called PhotoScape and it's just amazing!! I also use photoshop CS too =)

  9. Oh Christ I hate Photoshop. And I'm a designer.

  10. Great photo! I try and use the manual settings on our point and shoot camera... seems to allow for more control sometimes. One day would love to get a nice SLR!

  11. Love your blog...thanks for visiting me the other day. I just have the best camera in the world...and use the manual to play around with. I have never used photoshop but would so love to try it.


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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