April 20, 2010

earth friendly DIY wednesday

It's time! Earth Friendly DIY Wednesday is here. Grab the badge, add it to your post about any earth friendly tip or tutorial. Do you create using repurposed materials? Do you cook with locally grown foods? Get creative! Add the badge to your post and link up here. Timing couldn't be more perfect because this Thursday, April 22nd, is Earth Day 2010. So join the party.


My contribution this week is the corkboard we created from a reclaimed frame (it belonged to my husband's grandmother). The glass had broken and the picture was torn. So without changing the frame at all, I used a piece of cork left over from an earlier project, cut to the size of the frame, and attached the back. We ended up with a great cork board for the kitchen with history and tons of personality.


Like my sticker? We order our coffee beans from Dean's Beans. They only sell fair trade coffee and you can not only buy green beans to roast yourself, but roasted and flavored coffee beans from all over the world. It's a great place to order your coffee AND you're helping people when you do.


The arrow? I found this while hiking. It had fallen off of a tree and was partially covered with leaves. I love the color and unique, worn quality. It's all about what you do with found objects.


And finally, this super soft, leather wristlet is my next giveaway, beginning later this week. The only thing outside or inside this clutch that's NOT reclaimed is the thread. Seriously. Stay tuned.


Okay, that's my offering. Now it's your turn. Grab a badge and link up.


  1. Love love love that corkboard. Now I need to look for an old picture frame.

  2. Awesome! I love the bulletin board and the wristlet. The leather on that bag looks so soft. I haven't experimented with leather...yet, but now my wheels are turning. Working with reclaimed items is so satisfying, isn't it?

  3. Cute bulletin board and thanks for stopping by my blog. I entered your link party and added your badge :)

  4. Awesome post, I kept thinking "I love that coffee page, what's that?" and then "I love that arrow, what's that?" and you answered all my questions as I thought them! I love that section of your house--so cute and creatively done!

    Also, love the wristlet! So cute!


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