May 26, 2010

tip of the day...

{ this is a repost from my other blog and it's true... so. very. true. }

Waterstone Tip of the Day:

Before you completely take apart that sad little purse to repurpose into a Waterstone handbag...

waterstone artisan reclaimed leather handbags lori plyler sure to google the mysterious italian designer to make sure that this particular brand doesn't sell at Neiman Marcus for $2,500.00.

Just for future reference.

{ oh no you didn't. oh yes i did. }


  1. That is a great tip! Did you find out from personal experience?!

  2. please tell me that tip isn't from personal experience!!!

  3. Yes, it's from personal experience. :)

  4. Oh no!!!! NOOOOO! I can't believe it. My condolences.

  5. No way!! My goodness, I think I'd almost cry a little, then laugh. Then go and try to distract myself with something else so I wouldn't think about the 2500 too much........

    Julia /

  6. Oh no... I'm sorry, I'm trying not to laugh. This is something that would happen to me...several times over.

  7. Eh - what do ya do? make lemonade from lemons, right? I wasn't really upset - we laughed more than anything.

  8. lol Crown, love your response.

  9. hahahaha ! Awesome tip !!! Isn't that one of those things we are always afraid of doing - taking apart something actually worth money ? Totally awesome - I snorted ! Hahahaha what in the world made you look ????

  10. lol.... sob... sob...

    ~:o) sounds like something I would do.. 20/20 hindsight is a marvel isn't it!

  11. I think my wallet just shed a tear. Ouch! But it turned out lovely, none the less. lol


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