June 29, 2010

when a model goes to summer camp

Yes, I'm doing a little happy dance this week because my free handbag model is at church camp. This is the same handbag model who schools from home. Everyday. All day. We're together. Every. Day. However, with all of my bon bons and happy dances, I'm missing my handbag model. This is what's happened so far with delayed camera timer.

waterstone recycled handbags lori plyler

waterstone recycled handbags lori plyler

good gosh! are my legs really that skinny?

waterstone recycled bags lori plyler

and my hands. are they that wrinkly?

waterstone recycled handbags lori plyler

and my personal favorite...

waterstone recycled handbags lori plyler

Dear Free Handbag Model,

Could you come home for about 30 minutes? You don't need to eat or get money or even smile because I shoot you from the neck down anyway.
Then you can go back from whence you came.

Love, Mom


  1. You are too funny! You look great! CUTE bag!

  2. god i want that bag.
    it sold but i still want it.

    love your post, you are so funny :)

  3. I really like your bag. And I think your legs are just perfect :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments - I really wasn't fishing. Promise. And I do miss my handbag model. Things are so much easier.

    Yeah, Lori, that bag sold quickly. I'm in love with that fabric.

  5. i love the straps!

    adorable post :)

    xo Alison

  6. You are too funny! You are making the coolest bags, I sooooo want to copy them!!! LOL

  7. lol, Debi you are a trip. I know what you mean, though. I look at handbags on Etsy (and other places) all the time and think the same thing. I do get massive inspiration.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Haha, nice photo shoot! I can totally imagine it's difficult to make good product shots using a timer. I'm guessing you'll have a bunch of new bags waiting for your dear model once she comes home :)


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