August 6, 2010

a brief hello

I have discovered several things this week.

I've discovered that I am NOT a model

waterstone recycled leather handbags and accessories

Never have been. Never will be.
And thank you, oh daughter of mine, for insisting on taking MY picture while simultaneously making me giggle like the wicked witch of the west.
Any dreams I previously held of being the next Cindy Crawford have been shot all to hell.

I've discovered that I love Sophie too much for ridicule. As she's had surgery to remove two cysts and one suspicious something or other this morning, the poor thing is whipped and heavily drugged. Believe me, I WILL take advantage of this photo op - we are talking the cone of shame. But for right now, I'm loving my baby. So I'll just sit with her, refrain from snapping photos, and hope she sleeps this drunken stupor off by tomorrow.
THEN I'll ruthlessly take pictures...maybe.

I've discovered, after my Wednesday question, that everyone feels more or less the same way about blogging and commenting and relationships and content. You guys are the best.

Your turn. What have you discovered this week?

Coming next week:
a tutorial
a new, thought provoking question
a pictorial analysis of the Elizabethan dog collar.


  1. I have discovered that even when my girl child acts up, I am still creative enough to outsmart her in the punishment to reel her back in. At least for now. And on the even better news front, we paid off the husband's car today and that felt good :)

    Bad Jess! Making your mom giggle like the Wicked Witch of the West ;)

  2. this week i have come to learn that it's time to "shed my skin"
    and let the new come out..

  3. Paying of a car! Whoohoo! That's reason to celebrate.

    Spirited, I'm intrigued....

  4. I think you look great! You're too hard on yourself. I've discovered that a day of shopping with 2 children under the age of 5 ALL DAY is more exhausting than it sounds. I. AM. TIRED. Therefore, I'm going to bed. NIGHT!

  5. After a rotten call with a gallery owner in NY I have discovered that I need thicker skin! Why people think it's okay to be so completely rude to someone for no other reason than that they are just having a rough day, is unknown to me.
    I'm hoping for a better week next week!

  6. Lorelei, KILL them with kindness. That's my motto when dealing with schmucks. :)

  7. ...I discovered I am not as young as I thought.. (the exciting new ride at Silverwood Amusement park taught me that... it's name "AfterShock" should have told me.. didn't listen)
    but then I discovered I am not as old as I thought (I can still keep up with my 20 year old daughter & 13 year old son and out run them when I really try... panting later...without them noticing) and will be going tenting by the lake with the fam tonight..

    Plus.. just discovered your great site!!! I love it!!!

  8. Ah...I discovered that if I threaten to keep one of my pieces for myself, it will sell immediately ;)

    I think the E-collar might need some gussying up with lace and a glue gun...sorry Sophie, that's insult to injury...

  9. You most certainly could be a model! You have an engaging smile!

    I found your blog via a friend's blog and I love the shop!

  10. I don't think you're a bad model! That wicked laugh looks great!! :)

    I've discovered that the First Day of School looming up ahead doesn't mean I can't squeeze out every ounce of summertime joy in the meantime ;)

  11. I think you look the wicked of the west laugh (I do the laugh ever so often). I am trying to learn to get rid of the blah mood's both my mom and I have been in for the past week. We have our health, a job, our jewelry business and each other and we need to be thankful for that and be rid of the blah's! More jewelry and enameled bowls I say - that seems to help us out. Become more motivated, motivate, motivated, sarge! Sorry, army memories came out there :)

  12. I actually think you're a great model!

    I discovered this week that my very well-known optimism can be limited sometimes and I need to learn how to deal with myself once it is gone... hmmmm... scary. Hope not to use this skill too often though. Optimism does work most times.

  13. I have discovered that I spend too much money! lol. True. I also have discovered to go my Own path and hear my own drum and follow my Instincts! And all else will flow. I love your handbags..really beautiful. You look fabulous! You make America look decent. :)


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