August 27, 2010

from the waterstone studio

Custom orders, thrifting (or what I like to call hunting and gathering), and studio work has made for a busy week here at Waterstone. If you just happened to miss my recycled leather handbag tutorial, hop over to check out the entire process.

And I think I had this handbag in last week's wrap but it had not been added to the Etsy shop. I am in love with the colors - something about a touch of burnt orange makes me feel all warm and fall-ish...

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags and accessories

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags and accessories

While visiting my mom last weekend, I hit a few North Carolina thrift shops (thanks mom!!) and found this gorgeous black suede tote. The strap was torn, it was boring on the outside, and quite frankly, kind of boring on the inside, too. I completely took it apart. Added the distressed recycled leather pocket and then embroidered around said pocket. I added a handmade strap with a bold coral linen underside, and changed the lining to the same recycled coral linen. It's my first, real upcycled piece and it's happy now.

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags and accessories

Doesn't it just LOOK happy?

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags and accessories

It comes with a bonus linen pouch/clutch.

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags and accessories

Oh oh oh. Oh. Oh. This baby is made from the most bee-u-ti-ful distressed brown leather that I got from that upholsterer. It's unreal. I added the flowers to the front.

[ She got her Tom's Shoes. They are so cute and comfy. ]

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags and accessories

The edge is finished with distressed, recycled leather. The inside is periwinkle (love that word), and it has a handy-dandy green leather strap for your keys. :)

Can't believe that I totally forgot to make the little make-up pouch to go along with the bottom bag. Senior moment. Will be playing a little catch-up today and changing the Etsy listing to show the bonus bag. Sheesh.

Okie doke. That's my Waterstone recap.

And I'm SO glad that...

It's Friday and I have friends staying over tonight. Yippee!

Special plans for the weekend?

P.S. Look! It's a poll! Top. Right. Enlighten me.


  1. My favorite is the bottom one with flowers and the fact that you had a senior moment (misery loves company).** May I ask what kind of sewing machine you have? I have a dream of making dog collars with reclaimed fabric of different layers and I am almost afraid to even try it.

    Have a great weekend with your friends.

  2. LURVE that tall bag with the flowers, that totally rocks!

    Have fun with your friends. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning as I'm fighting for my life on the white water rafting trip ;)

    what kinda captcha word is avlykewn??

  3. Love, love, love the last bag with the flowers (though all of them are awesome)!
    My weekend started early, yesterday, got all my hair chopped off and I love it. Tonight will be working on taking photographs, tomorrow lampworking and Sunday enameling!
    Have a great weekend with friends!

  4. I love that last one. I have a thing for brown leather bags for some reason...

  5. Your latest bags are gorgeous! I've been itching to play with some leather, but haven't found any yet :)


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