August 5, 2010

that's one bodacious pile of...


waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

Can't you just smell it? Really - you really can smell this leather.
We here at Waterstone think it smells wonderful.

Thanks to my watchful friend, I obtained the mother lode of colorful leather remnants - cast aside by an upholsterer. This friend called me, described the leather and asked if I wanted it.
The doctor says that her hearing should return any day now.

Embossed browns, pebbled yellows and oranges and blues and creamy tans and olive greens.
Oh my. I. Will. Enjoy. This. Expect colorful leather things from Waterstone.

So far...

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

And in other news

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

this handbag

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

and one heck of a funky animal print crossbody bag
with a HUGE recycled leather front pocket

[the bottom three aren't listed yet. if interested, give me a shout for more info.]

*Sophie in the Hospital Update*

I took Soph in this morning to have a cyst and two suspicious lumps removed. The vet later called and said that they had Sophie asleep and when they went to put the tube down her throat, they noticed that their oxygen was leaking. Yeah. So poor Sophie has to awaken from her druggie stupor and will remain at the vet overnight and do it all over again tomorrow morning WITH the oxygen, the surgery, and in the end, of course, the cone of shame. I think that tonight I will go to Pet Smart and pick up a new toy and a few yummy treats for my baby.

Until tomorrow...

[top photo credit: Kelley Wenzel]


  1. Good luck for sophie and you guys. I hope she is not too sad not being at home.

  2. cute stuff! Poor Sophie... Hope she's okay!

  3. Thank you, Nicki. I'm hoping that all of the anesthesia will wipe out any memory of the entire experience. Wonder if that's even possible.

  4. sending good thoughts your way!

    xo Alison

  5. Awww, poor Sophie...hope you bought her some great treats!
    Bet that leather smells fantastic :)

  6. Totally want the "one heck of a funky animal print crossbody bag
    with a HUGE recycled leather front pocket" - do you plan to put it on etsy soon? 'Cause despite the fact that I have purses coming out of my ears, I am about to take a trip out west, and that totally requires some kind of new hand bag :-)

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  8. Oh!
    Both good and bad...

    The bags are phenomenal...Wonderful work! And wonderful work of seeing what potential the scraps held.

    The oxygen...{raised eyebrows!} I am so happy they noticed before going in, it shows they do check at least. Best to Sophie!



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