August 4, 2010

wednesday's opinion

Lately, many of us seem to be on the same wave length. No, it's not that we're all more or less sick of the heat and are ready for fall. This time it's about blogs, commenting, visiting, following, etc. So, today, I have a few questions for YOU. I'd love to start a dialog about blogs and commenting.

Do you follow more blogs than you can possibly visit? How do you feel about visitors and commenting? Do you expect reciprocation from someone you've visited and "spoken to" via that little comment button? Do you even care? Finally, what makes you keep coming back to visit your favorites?

Is it the pictures...

waterstone recycled leather handbags & accessories

...or the content?

Pick one question or a few. Tell me - I'm curious.


  1. I think it's a combo, pictures, and commentary, and humor....also, I think it's important to keep it short (most of the time) I understand that wordy posts are sometimes necessary, but it's easier to follow a lot of blogs if they aren't heavy reading. Also, I, like every other human, enjoy comments, but if they don't come, it's not a big deal....I choose to believe that there's someone out there who, like Frasier Crane, will say, "I'm listening..."...or, well, reading, in this case.

  2. Bella,
    Nice point about the wordy posts. Every now and then the subject cries for space. But most often, a mixture is appealing.

  3. Nice pictures and interesting content but sometimes it depends... I mean sometimes you just pop in a blog that may not be in your real interest but he or she just has a topic or even only a sentence that captures you and that makes you want to comment or follow.

    I have found a lot of this kind of blogs lately and I seem to talk/comment more than before :-)

  4. Pictures are important as they draw you into the blog and the post. I pick and choose the ones I read by the content and title if I am busy. Wordy posts...well that is a hard one, I agree with you on that subject.

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  6. I'm very visual, so pictures are important to me, but there has to be some content behind it. A blog with nothing else to offer but pretty pictures doesn't do it for me.

    I love comments on my blog but certainly don't expect them just because I visited someone else's blog. I want people to respond when my posts are comment-worthy and they feel moved to do so, not just out of courtesy!

  7. gah.
    this is a hard topic to talk about without sounding like a hypocrite. I like the comments I do.
    I don't require comments. if people come over and they feel compelled to say something, awesome. If not? I am not banning their blogs because of it.
    I feel like a lot of people have this tit for tat mentality lately- I'll comment on yours if you comment on mine. I guess I don't really blog solely for the comments.
    I follow over 200 blogs. With a full time gig, I am lucky if I can comment on 10. I don't usually read every word- lots of pictures are great. If I'm interested in the pics, I'll read a bit further.
    This is a really important subject for me lately. Especially after being confronted about a recent post I did about this very subject matter. The reader was upset that I was whining about not getting comments when I rarely go to her blog and leave her comments. It made me really think about it, and she's right. I don't always comment on all 200 blogs I follow- and so, I removed the post. I always thought that having a blog meant that I could say what I wanted, but I am learning that, that is not true afterall.

  8. That's one thing I've thought about, Lorelei. I follow a ton and can't possibly visit all - even though I continue to visit more new ones every day and love them!

    It is a hard topic, but it's nice to get thoughts out there. It helps me to deal with MY questions and opinions. As for being called out - remember that you can't please everyone. You simply posed a thought and quite frankly I remember that post. I thought it had to do with lower comments lately and my reasoning was that it was because of the summer months. So, many read things differently.

  9. I definitely feel like I spend entirely too much time browsing blogs. I try to hit my favorite ones first and if time allows, browse the newer ones that maybe I haven't followed for very long. I love to get comments and always reply. But I if I'm not already a follower of their blog then I might not always head over and comment. It's just such a huge time suck. And quite frankly, I hate the whole "i'm your newest follower. follow me back!" I'm not going to follow a blog just because you follow me and I shouldn't be expected to. I want followers that enjoy my blog and what I have to share. I find myself skimming over wordy posts but really drawn to blogs with great photographs, breaking up the post a bit and making it more appealing. If I have to sit and read for 10 minutes or so without anything else to look at, I'm a little turned off.

  10. Bravo, Courtney! Great points. While I began this blog out of a business "need", I've come to realize that it's more about relationships that have developed and am constantly amazed at the great people I've "met".

  11. New follower...why..because I like your style..because I am all about staying positive and connecting with people that are also positive..I started my blog in hopes of promoting my artwork,but had no idea that I would connect with other artist and learn how they juggle it all.Now I find myself supporting other artists,in ways I never thought possible..and they support me with a kind word.This really helps me to keep going.

    I am also a fan of poetry and yes that too catches my eye.

    When someone leaves me a comment,its like a present..and I am truly thankful.

    Nice to meet you,Warmest Regards,Cat

  12. I visit blogs for pics and content, but content more on who the person is and what is going on in their life. While I am interested in the products they are creating, I am more interested in what makes them tick and the ones that make me laugh.

  13. I visit alot of blogs too. I really like tutorials and humor, and good pictures. Sometimes things will just inspire you to comment, other times I just enjoy looking. Everyone writes blogs for their own reasons, I've likened it to publishing a book. You publish it and people buy it or not. Embarrassing if no ones buys it! The only real way to know if anyone likes it,(or not) is by the comments. After a while I changed my thinking, and realized it's no big deal, like Bellajoya said, "I'm listening"...... just write it for yourself and don't worry if your pleasing everyone, because you can't. (talk about a wordy post) lol

  14. I only started a blog so I could do Bead Soup (a small price to pay to get beads in the mail!), but have really gotten into reading and commenting on other blogs and posting to my own blog. Obsessing would be the word my husband would use, but I have a habit of obsessing on something when some other part of my life isn't going the way I want it to (right now I am not digging my day job, and a potential job change has not materialized). Further proof of this personality quirk: on the eve of my deployment to Iraq I reupholstered the dining room chairs. Seriously. Anyway, reading blogs has given me something really enjoyable to look forward to at the odd downtime moment. I follow 144 according to Google (how did that happen??) and skim all new content, but focus on those writers that are funny or share great creative ideas/pictures or more importantly, blogs of friends, but only comment on blogs that compel me to. I love getting comments and new followers, but just knowing that a couple folks are interested in what I have to say gives me confidence that I am headed in a direction that I both enjoy and might also become a job I really enjoy in a year or so. And although you can't tell by this wordy response, I like less wordy blog posts :-)

  15. Great question, I was just about to do my own blog post on this topic-yes, it seems to be on the minds of many right now. I visit LOTS of blogs weekly, skim most and read a good handful thoroughly. I love blogs that make me chuckle, I start to feel inadequate with blogs that are loaded with inspiring quotes and deep artistic inspiration. That said, I comment when I feel like I actually have something to contribute to the conversation, not just "I'm here". I adore comments on my blog of course but I don't want it to be a measure of my satisfaction with my work or posts.

  16. For me, it is the combo. There are days when I have time to read and post and others when I just "look at the pictures." As a new blogger, I love comments but don't expect them. I enjoy the creating on my blog and if someone gets a laugh or some joy from it, that's great!

  17. I love pictures but I also love reading what a person has to say. I also like humor, especially if I am having a downer day and I can go to some of my favorite bloggers and read what they have wrote I will always leave with a smile on my face. Both mom and myself love comments but if people don't wish to leave a comment that is fine with us because we don't always leave comments.
    I do have my favorite bloggers and I try to get to their sites everyday and if I have something to say then I will leave a comment or I will just read and keep going.

  18. Like alot of the previous commentators, I like to see a combination of "alluring" pictures and content. And depending on time and my mood I will read a long post. Short ones are easier but I guess why does one blog in the first place if not to say something? I have only been blogging for about a year now, and consider myself a newbie at it. At the onset I did buy "Blogging For Bliss" to get a little handle on the rules so to speak. And she does have some good pointers on etiquette - which I know I fall very very short on sometimes. I CAN say it is very very nice and can literally be the highlight of my day when someone comments on a post or replys to a comment I have left. So I try and keep that in mind. That said I know how much time this all takes me and I cannot even fathom how those with hundreds of followers manage their time. Great question, thanks for the post!!

  19. Good questions Lori, any comment I get is greatly appreciated, I consider it frosting on the cake. I never expect comments and never expect anyone to comment on my blog purely because I commented on theirs. I comment on blogs based on content, the writing skills of the blogger, and the feeling that I would probably like to have lunch with this person.
    Complaining for the sake of complaining is a turn off. That does not mean I don't think folks can't talk about negatives, but it is good to have some problem solving in there.
    I love posts about the design process and how someone markets their shop, good pictures are a huge plus. I would say that 80% of my marketing ideas comes from ideas discussed on blogs, and I am so appreciative of this community.
    I also spend way too much time on the computer, and as the marketing skills I have learned on line make my shop busier, I have less time to blog.
    The gift of age and experience is the reality that one cannot please everyone all the time, and sometimes the best way to handle those comments is to let them go and not try and talk someone out of their opinion.
    Thanks for these questions Lori and sorry for the wordy comment.

  20. I am in love with the comments we've had so far. I do not think ANY are long winded. Great input was what I was going for and am not disappointed.

  21. Well, these are all great questions that I also wonder about.
    I am also over the heat (but I live in Phoenix so what was I thinking about anyway).

    I presently watch 21 blogs. The world of blogs/blogging is still very new to me. I try and keep up with each of them but there are a few that I enjoy more than others. I find the hardest thing is just finding one I want to read. I have viewed many but some are just not for me.

    What first captures my attention to a blog is how the site looks overall and if there are any nice photos, but it is the writing that keeps me there and coming back for more. There are even a select few that motivates me to want to participate as well-like this one.
    I am happy and a little amazed that people have found my blog-etsy site and have wanted to join it. Writing was never my strong suit in school and it always seems to be harder than you would think it should be but that’s what the backspace is for (and the ever favorite-cut and paste).

    The only thing I like better is when they want to share a little more of themselves-whatever they feel comfortable with, share their new art projects in the works/completed or any really great recipes. I always hope that someone may check out my site when I leave a message on their page but it is never expected that they will come or even become a follower.

    Whoops, here I go again carrying on so.

  22. Hi Lori! Wow...a good question. I wonder about blog following, and why or why not I do or do not have hundreds of people following and commenting each time I post. (LOL)
    I love comments, and love to comment back =) Just not enough hours in the day!
    Frankly, I love pictures, and short bits of information that is both well written and positive.....
    Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear back from you again soon =)

  23. I love comments, but realize there are a lot of lurkers, according to my stats. I love to write, so that's what my blog does for me -- gives me an outlet. I follow over 200 blogs and I am so Type A that I start to hyperventilate if I can't comment on all of them but sometimes I can just make one comment, not on all fifteen of their recent posts.

    I love blogs with pictures, too. If there's just a TON of text and no photos, I tend to move on.

  24. I was asking myself the same questions lately and also wanted to bring it up.
    I follow much too many blogs. What usually makes me go back to the same places and especially comment, is not exactly the mix of content and visuals but mostly the spirit.
    There are couple of renowned blogs with fantastic visuals that doesn't make me excited. They are lovely and very beautiful, yes, but I scroll down the page quickly, pin the things I love and move on.
    There are other blogs with a focus that might be very different than mine, but their character is what makes me come back and be active.
    I mostly look for happy blogs that make me feel good. Nice visuals and inspiration I can find anywhere. An happy spirit is more rare to find. Not to mention models with wicked smiles that make you giggle.... :)

  25. I definitely follow more than I can visit daily. I read approximately a random 5 blogs a day, most days. I sometimes leave quickly if there are no pictures. I like interesting content about a person's creative process and creative challenges. I prefer the ones where I get a feel for the blogger's personality.


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