August 25, 2010

wednesday's thought question

Feeling stressed?

waterstone recycled leather handbags and accessories

She can relate. Try wearing a 25 inch cone around your neck.
Try bumping into every door and piece of furniture within a three foot radius.

And speaking of stress

This week's thought provoking thought...statement...question...

Right now, I can __________ to make my life less stressful.

Your turn.


  1. bead...or dance...or read...(I'll have to decide later.) :)

  2. I forgot to fill in the blank! I have several, too. At the moment, I'm hoping exercise will do the trick. So, taking the time to exercise and listen to fun music while I'm working out.

  3. I can listen to music, work on lampworking, enameling or making jewelry (that is tonight). Or I can stop thinking about work and just take a deep breath and enhance my chi and go on with the day.

  4. I can go back to bed :)

    Hope the pup is better soon...poor poor puppy~

  5. I want to enhance my chi, like Beth. That sounds like a wonderful way to say you are relaxing and finding your inner calm!

    So today, I will enhance my chi and go to Harbor Freight over my lunch hour. Lori, want to join me? I'll be leaving around noon-ish

  6. get organized. I would have more time to be creative if I could get a handle on the disorder.

  7. You know, Sherri, I agree whole heartedly with your point. Nothing makes me feel better and less stressful than a clean studio. Now if I could just get somebody to come clean my house. Oh! That would be me.

  8. make art!!!! And that's what i do after a stressful day at the office! Patsy from

  9. Aw, poor Sophie. How much longer does she need to wear the cone??

    For me, organizing stuff often helps. Helps resetting my mind, hehe. That, and a nice cup of tea :)

  10. For those who have asked and a few who haven't...

    Sophie is doing splendidly! She only had to wear the cursed cone for about 2 days (and about 5 nights - cause I don't trust her when she's out of my sight).

    Her hair has grown back and she's as lovable and frisky as ever, for an "elderly" 8 year old.

  11. ...appreciate the blessings in my life, try to worry less (ha! Ha!), and remember I can only do my best every day... (spa treatments do help with this mantra :-))

  12. Quit my jobs! Lol. It would only be a temporary fix until the bills were due, then my stress would be through the roof! Seriously though, I run and then run some more until I'm calm and stress free.

    I need to find the photo of Cooper when he had to wear the Cone of Shame after his "snip, snip"! He was still a puppy, and it did NOT go well! He finally did get it off one day, and we came home to find it chewed into about 5,000 pieces! We then had to get him a velcro cloth Cone, which he still did not care for. Glad Sophie is doing well :)


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