September 4, 2010

how mr. p was injured before the race


Guess where I'm going on Sunday? A NASCAR race. Have I ever told you how much I HATE NASCAR? Well, I do. Watching cars go around and around and around is not my idea of a fun time. Also, it's business related. Have I ever told you how much I HATE business related events? Well, I do.

Mr. P is type-A. He lives for this sort of thing.  Not me.  Mr. P. knows this to be true.

So, because of my natural beauty and pleasant disposition, I said,
"Do you want me to go with you because I'm arm candy?"

And that's what I said to Mr. P immediately before he fell out of his chair in hysterics, thereby injuring himself...which he, naturally, deserved.

The story is absolutely true - except for the part about Mr. P injuring himself.
And the beautiful part.


  1. this is why I love your blog!!! lol!

  2. Have a fun Sunday looking good!

  3. Thank you Regina. I shall try with all my might. :)

  4. Obviously he is trying to cover up the fact you *are* arm candy !!! LOL - I don't have a love for nascar either !!!...Isn't it stitch in public week ?????

  5. May the force be with you, Lori. I hope it ends quickly and then he treats you to margaritas afterwards for suffering through this with him!

  6. I hate NASCAR also. And my husband loves it. Also he owns a race car. He drag races and I have never even seen him race his car. He asks me all the time. I will have to see if he wants me as arm candy.

  7. Of course you're arm candy! And there is nothing entertaining about a bunch of cars turning left over and over. Hope you survive!

  8. This is hysterical! The only thing that would be funnier is if you wore a fancy hat to the race ... you know, like at the Kentucky Derby. That would teach him!

  9. Ew...not a fan of NASCAR either...or any kind of car racing. Don't quite see the point. Fortunately no one in my family likes it - thank goodness.

    Good story! Have fun...


  10. I hate NASCAR and you are the sweetest kind of arm candy.

  11. aw I hope it wasn't terrible. Do tell!


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