September 16, 2010

hurry along now

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Dear Fall,

I really am a patient person. But I would be forever grateful if you would hurry along and make your way into my general vicinity. Sweating is getting old and, quite honestly, tiring. I'm yearning to pull on my boots and wrap scarves around my neck and slip on my comfy jeans - oh the jeans! And the sweaters - I'm so in love with the sweaters! I promise to welcome you warmly into my home by throwing open the doors and windows. You can stay as long as you wish. Really. I would be perfectly good if you stayed forever. Really. I would.


  1. Yes - I love being able to wear just jeans and a sweater outside this time of year. I also love being able to finally turn off the A/C but the heat doesn't have to be on yet. Also this time of year is perfect for art shows, not sweating and not freezing outside. Plus the leaves are changing colors, a natural beautiful site!

  2. Yes I am ready for the sweaters and coats that cover a multitude of eating sins...let the baking begin!!

  3. Ever since we moved Texas, Fall has taken its' sweet time to come.... I, too, am tired of sweating!!! :)

  4. Oh... I second that!! Can't wait to wear my sweaters and jackets and scarves ...oh yeaH!!!

  5. I'm afraid to say it but Fall is here, visiting New York. So if you want to see Fall, you'll have to come visit me.


  6. Lorelei, I'm envious. And I'm thinking that sounded like an invitation. :)

  7. The air has the special crispness and there is a hush in the gray flannel clouds blanketing the world outside my window. We have fall and it is so glorious but so brief. Makes me love it all the more.

    Enjoy the day!

  8. How could anyone you resist that invite. I am so looking forward to fall.

  9. Yes! Wearing jeans again would be so nice! We had o turn the a/c back on this afternoon when it got really hot and sticky before a storm came through. It's been nice enough to leave the a/c off most of the time, but still definitely shorts weather.

    I can't wait to pull on a sweatshirt, too!


  10. Please keep fall over on your side of the street. I am quite happy keeping summer on my street for, well, forever. And ever.


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