September 2, 2010

studio organization!

Yesterday my son, Mr. Waterstone Jr., walked into my studio and offered to give me a large metal shelf. Maybe it was because he was thinking the same thing I've been thinking. Hoarders. I could be on an episode of Hoarders. Really.

I jumped. He jumped. I cheered. He ran. He came back. He put my new shelf together. Once up it was as if something exploded inside my brain. Suddenly I was thinking thoughts I rarely think, thoughts of...ORGANIZATION.

More like organized madness - but organized and organized is GOOD.

Once complete, I was one proud mama. Here, let me show you around.


This is the view from the door. My new shelf is to the extreme left. That's my old artist's table/desk in the back corner, behind the tall bookcase. Yes, I have a cubby. Think I'll find a pretty, colorful picture to hang behind my desk chair. And curtains. Yes, curtains.

Can you tell I'm excited? But wait, there's more...


The other side of the bookshelf holds all of my books, magazines, and smaller items. I got the display form at a thrift shop for, I think, $35.00.


This is the view from my desk. I live here when I'm not at the sewing table.
I have an old cabinet with a chalkboard - perfect for a daily to-do list. Gotta get chalk.


Looking out, you can see my new shelf, which is great for holding my fabric, leather, and sewing supplies. A folding table is in the middle of the room and holds the sewing machine.

See the yellow armchair? I got it several years ago in a tee shirt for chair trade.
I love that chair.


Back to the shelf. I got the blue fabric bins at the dollar store! Hang tags are on the front of each bin with item description. The top shelf holds zippered plastic bags I've collected over the years.
I have used them over and over again and now they hold leather straps and snaps.

Notice Gumby waving from the back? I love Gumby, too.


Another view of my sewing table and in the back I have my heavy duty jewelry table. Oddly enough, I use the drill just as much now for leather as I did before with metal! The bulletin boards have thumb tacks and clips to hold stones and beads.

That's it! I'm so happy. And organized and I so hope that you enjoyed your tour.

Got any storage suggestions of your own to pass on?

One more thing...
If you haven't answered my survey question at the top of the right column, please do.

Okay, what's your best storage/organization tip?


  1. LOVE the new set up, Lori. Your studio looks fantastic and a little more functional for you! I love reorganizing rooms and feel so much better after getting things cleaned up. To the point I find reasons to just go stand in the doorway and look. And sigh. :)

  2. Love the set up! Everything looks so neat and orderly.
    My best tip - get mom to do it :) Mom is so much more organized than I am.
    Enjoy the new set up!

  3. Bless your heart, it really is all organized. You can see everything and it looks like it all has a much easier to keep it that way. I am excited for you!

  4. It is so bright and airy! I tried and tried and could not fit an arm chair in my studio, I was soooo sad....your studio looks great. My tip, add curtains, I just did and it made a huge difference, just adding some color to the windows. Gave it a finished look. I still have to finish what I started 3 weeks ago! Have fun!

  5. Ok I'll take one chair and one dress form - what a steal !!! Looks great what a great space !

  6. I can't get mom to do it. She's two states away and I AM mom.

  7. Such a great studio, so bright and roomy! You have everything so well organized. I just love the chalkboard cabinet!

  8. Your studio look wonderful, a place i'd love to drink my coffee in:)

  9. It looks GREAT! I love organization - awesome job! We have some of those dollar store bins in Hayden's room, aren't they a great deal?

  10. What a wonderful studio space!! And those large windows... *sigh* I have a corner in one of the rooms. A small corner... Can't wait til the day we move and I can claim an entire room for myself!

    As to tips... I use little zip lock bags for different supplies, with a note on what's inside and how much I payed for it. I also try to put tools and supplies back where they're supposed to be when I'm done working with them. :)

  11. You have everything very organized. I think I need to hire you to set mine up better.

    It looks wonderful.

  12. i had a great time visiting your studio (i love gumby too!). i would love to have this much space!


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