September 13, 2010

thinking of crisp days and cooler nights


  1. I love the way these jars catch the light, and those earrings are just gorgeous. The soaps looks delicious enough to eat, I thought it was caramel fudge at first :) The watercolor is just lovely! Thank you for including my light charcoal jersey knit ruffle scarf in this fantastic fall line up :)

  2. JannysGirl said it!!! DITTO from me! How great to see such a wonderful range of beautiful work.
    I have to add that your blog is BEAUTIFUL! Also, it's an honor to see my Mason Jar Solar LIDS on your blog. FUN to see!!!! THANK YOU so much!

  3. These are gorgeous! Sorry, I've been MIA - just busy. Hope all is well!

  4. Oh I could have used that scarf last night!!! LOVE those little birds so sweet! So loving the start of fall - I think Fall is the new spring ! LOL Have a great day Lori !!!

  5. I love that scarf, I have the same one in rusty orange in my favorites.

  6. I love scarves, too. Can't WAIT to pull mine out to wear. I've always been too hot to be a summertime scarf wearer - menopause hot - gah! Hello fall!

  7. Beautiful "thinking of's"

    The mason jars are a super idea for a fall picnic!

  8. Oh all of this is exquisite!!!!

  9. That bird print is beautiful!


  10. Such great finds!
    I'm in love with those Acorn Earrings! So beautiful! WANT!! And this yummy soap! I'm sure if I had it my little one was eating it in no time. Looks too delicious.


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