September 17, 2010

mooing, discounts, and awards

waterstone eco friendly recycled leather handbags & accessories by lori plyler

Do you Moo? I sure do. Confused? Don't be. Moo is a great place to get business cards or, my personal favorite, the mini moo. I'm addicted to mini moos and at around $20 per 100 (worth every penny), it pays to watch for discounts. Got some codes this week and passing them along to you is the neighborly thing to do so that you, too, can moo.

PDH56D Discount Code for a 10% discount until September 30th
WR3MAY Free Shipping Code through September 23rd.

You will never regret mooing.


I read a fantastic article this week from Handmadeology about the post office and how to avoid going. Not that I don't love the little lady who stands behind the counter in my neighborhood, drug store post office. However the thought of driving there and standing in line every day as the year draws to a close gives me the shivers. Read this, take note, bookmark your pages. You'll thank someone - certainly not me, but someone. Thank your significant other just for the heck of it.


waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories by lori plyler

I'm thanking Lisa from ZiBagz this morning for bestowing upon me the Beautiful Blogger award. Imagine my shock and sadness to learn that this award didn't mean that I myself, am beautiful - just my blog. Dear Lisa, I'm slightly hurt, but strangely honored at the same time and I thank you.

I am now required to list seven things about myself.
If I'm repeating, and I probably am, please accept my sincere apologies.

1) My left pinkie was cut off when I was six years old and I am now left with a claw which is used to scare children into behaving. Thank you to Robert, my younger brother, for slamming the door to get away from me.

2) Pretty sure I've said this, but I used to dress my barbies with stylish aluminum foil outfits in a desperate desire, at the age of eight, to be discovered, travel to NYC, and design aluminum foil clothing.

3 ) I have a sick fear of public speaking so I vent online to the masses. Not large masses, but masses just the same. Enough said.

4) My childhood nicknames were Butterfingers (fairly self-explanatory and terribly debilitating) and Loboosie (or the shortened verstion) Boosie. Not sure who started it or why and I am still called Loboosie to this day.

5) When my oldest was a just a babe, I sewed little girl's pageant dresses for money until the thought of parading those poor little girls onstage forced me to quit. Good money though!

6) I'm tapped out and can do no more. I'm also sure that you've heard enough so run along and have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Hey thanks so much for sharing the Moo codes! I had been holding off a bit ordering more but the free shipping code made a huge difference! Thanks again! PS Your cards look great!

  2. thanks for all the great info..
    want to visit Moo those tiny cards..

  3. Ooh, I DO Moo! Thank YOU for sharing this Moovelous codes! (heehee).

  4. I must try to moo - I've never mooed but now think I should. Seriously my kids would think the whole "claw" thing was pretty neat and attempt to slam each others hands in the door - just for fun - boys are goofy that way.


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