October 17, 2010

comfy slippers and an itinerary

So excited about the upcoming week! Here's a quick Studio Waterstone breakdown:

I'll have a new tutorial which will, of course, be super fun and awe inspiring. Uh-huh.

We'll have a brand new thought provoking question and I would love your .02

We have "Where We Create" (thanks to Marcie for the name change suggestion). This new series is all about your creative space. It's kind of like those "come as you are" parties. Take the picture just as your creative space is at the time, no cleaning! Include your blogpost with a picture of your creative space. If you don't have a blog, a photo linked to Flickr will work just as well. You can link up here with the handy dandy LinkyTools so that I can visit and we can share our chaos.

I haven't planned Friday. :)

I'm changing up my "It's a Wrap: Studio Saturday" to include you. This is my way of encouraging you to journal your weekly progress, no matter what, each week. Link up here and once again, we can commiserate together!

The comfy slippers? Cold tootsies these days and I'm already thinking of cute new slippers from Etsy. I'm loving this...

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

Both felted slippers are from Grazim

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

Both Slipper Patterns are by Sewing With Me 5

Happy Monday!
I hope yours is just splendidly creative.


  1. Ooooh, I want those slippers. All of em!

  2. The pink felted slippers are adorable!!

  3. i've already hearted those very slippers..lovely aren't they..

  4. Looking forward to suprising Friday... :)

    Loving the Kimono style slippers gorgeous!!

  5. I'm coming down off Lorelei's blog hop high! What a blast!!! Also revving *The Bus* up for some inspiration. Then I'm practicing my deep knee bends to prepare to carry wood up and down the stairs all winter to feed the wood stoves.

    Happy Monday !!!! : D

    P.S. I need ALL those slippers....it's cold in here!

  6. I'm on the market for slippers -- those are too cute! Looks like you have a great week planned ahead :)

  7. Hi - I just posted my "Where we create'' post on my blog but not sure how to use the linky tool.



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