October 4, 2010

day 2: giveaways, anniversaries, and discounts

The winner of yesterday's giveaway is:
Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls. Congratulations Kristin!
You are the proud new owner of that fabulously gorgeous, eco-friendly thingie featured yesterday.

And now...

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

This is so much fun! I feel almost god-like, sitting in my ivory tower and sending out gifts. Forget the gnashing of teeth here. It's all about the love and the spreading of pretty things. Deluded? I think not.

Today's Waterstone anniversary giveaway is for the recycled leather "peace" cuff featured in a recent Waterstone tutorial. If you didn't get a chance to see how it was made, hop over and check it out. Don't worry. I'll be right here waiting with the details.

Tuesday's giveaway can be yours for the low, low price of...

Do you follow my blog? After all, it is a blogging anniversary party.
If not, I would be forever grateful to have you jump on board.

Excited here over my new "Save/Share" button at the bottom of this post.
Feel free to share. I would be grateful for that, too.

AND I must ask

that all important, burning question...

What was YOUR all-time best Halloween costume?
(my answer is at the bottom if you make it that far)

Today's giveaway will run through 9:30 p.m. EST tonight (Tuesday).
I will announce the winner tomorrow morning. Thanks to Random.org
And then we'll begin another day of Waterstone Anniversary Giveaway Swag!

Waterstone Discount of the Day is:

25% off of all jewelry
If you purchase something in this category, don't pay immediately.
DO leave "anniversary discount" in your message and if your paypal account is different from your contact email, leave that information as well. I will send a new invoice.

So to recap:

Do you follow my blog?

All consuming, burning question of the day, and


My answer:
I have two.
Mr. W and I were extremely elaborate, homemade Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head created using chicken wire & paper mache (for the body), foam (for the hats, accessories, noses, lips, eyes, and gloves), and paint. We won $500 - and it only took a month to create. You do the math.

Easiest costume:
I used a stick across my shoulders and a black plastic trash bag. Attached cut out white letters vertically spelling out "doormat". It was in my younger mom days.
Enough said.


  1. Yes, I do follow your blog, yay! and let's see, my best costume, or one which sticks in my mind indelibly was when I was 5 I wore my mother's wedding gown petticoat. It was mounds and mounds of white tulle and netting. She made sleeves and tiny bodice and converted it into a real Cinderella gown. I had a star wand made out of foil covered cardboard, and long white gloves. Felt like the most beautiful creature on earth. :)

  2. Hmm I don't know how fabulous any of my costumes have been but my oldest dressed up as Steve from Blues Clues one year and I made a pretty sweet "Blue" outfit for our old Boston Terrier.He had all kinds of holiday wear - pumpkin outfit, Santa outfit , a big stuffed heart. He loved to dress up!

  3. I have become a follower - why not - I read it every day!! I love, love, love the peace cuff and am so glad for the chance to win. As a young mom, I didn't have time to make a costume for work, so wore a jogging suit and put a sign on my back that said jogger. Got lots of laughs!!

  4. I do follow your blog, thanks! I would say that my favorite costume was when I was young because my mom would sew all of our costumes. It was a tiger costume and even had a hat with ears! So cute (or so I thought).
    Thanks for another chance to win!

  5. Yes I follow, and best costume...probably is when I went as a sort of geisha - wore a silk asian print bathrobe with a shirt and leggings underneath - most comfortable costume ever! Pretty lame. I have way more fun dressing up the kids. One year I made them matching orange M&M costumes which involved sewing and dying and they looked sooooo cute! Loved your doormat costume - I have so been there :-)

  6. Yes I follow your blog! I think the best costume I every wore was an Indian costume that mom made me. She also made a horse for me to ride out of cardboard; the horse had yarn for hair, a saddle and a bridle for me to use. You know I am going to have to go through through the photo albums to see if I can find that picture.
    You have a great week! And thanks for the giveaways!

  7. We once went to a costume party as the California Raisins. We had the high tops and the big sunglasses and these really hot fuzzy purple raisin outfits we rented. We created a dance/entrance to the song 'Heard it through the grapevine' and wowed the crowd by doing it before we broke character to party. And the next year we were the Addams family. I was a kick-ass Morticia/Elvira character with long black wig and a dress with a slit down to there and up to here. Of course, that was all before I had kids. Today I would have to settle for the raisin.

    Enjoy the day!

  8. Love your blog and your sense of humor!
    Halloween...I have so many favorite couple costumes my husband and I have done in the past. Marge and Homer, the wig was the hardest thing to keep on! Jackie O and JFK, Popeye and Olive Oil, and I think my absolute fav was Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I worked really hard getting her dress just right. My most favorite kids costume was my 2yr olds last year. He was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and his wagon was his boat. Loved it! Halloween is sooo much fun. :)

  9. Yea for your blog and for my perfect custom creation! My favorite Halloween outfit so far has was last years. I dressed up as Hugh Hefner wearing an awesome fedora, "bunny bling", very good white boob top and black slacks. My friends and I did Las Vegas and I didnt wanna dress like all the other girls, I'm not a fan or skirts/dresses! Group of girls we had Hugh Hefner, a Playboy Bunny, a Pirate, a Sailor, and Princess Leia. It was a lot of fun... now to think about what to be this year!

  10. Love the cuff!! I follow your blog under username MoonRae.
    My fav costume was when I shaved my head and stained my self green to be an alien. My hair was very short anyway(those rockin' 80's)so I just did the Sinead O'Conner thing for a few months hahaha


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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