October 5, 2010

day 3: giveaways, anniversaries, and discounts

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

The winners of yesterdays recycled leather cuff giveaway are Beth and Evie, the mother/daughter team from EB Bead and Metal Works.
Congratulations ladies! So, who gets the prize?

And now...

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

Wednesday's Waterstone anniversary giveaway is for the reclaimed leather cell phone case in robin's egg blue . It fits iphones, droids, and ipods!

Wednesday's giveaway can be yours for the low, low price of...

answering this question:

What is the one most important thing you do to organize your schedule?

Today's giveaway will run through 9:30 p.m. EST Wednesday.
I will announce the winner Thursday morning. Thanks to Random.org
And then we'll begin another day of Waterstone Anniversary Giveaway Swag!

Waterstone Discount of the Day is:

20% off all cell phone/ipod and makeup cases
If you purchase something in this category, don't pay immediately.
DO leave "anniversary discount" in your message and if your paypal account is different from your contact email, leave that information as well. I will send a new invoice.

Now, think organization. Are you? Aren't you? How do you?


  1. I am horribly unorganized. I do write a lot of lists. On Wednesday mornings that is my time to create so I make a to-do list. And I have a blogging to-do list. And a goals to-do list. Lots and lots of to-do lists. (Maybe I should go and DO something!)
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Every night before I go to bed I write a list of the things I have to and want to get done for the coming day. This allows me to relax and fall asleep without a racing mind. What I don't get done that day I add to the next day's list. Works for me!!

  3. OMG! I am sooo organized! I can figure out how to schedule, put things in their place, etc,etc. BUT, it takes me about 1 hour to mess it all up and not be able to follow that schedule I so lovingly crafted! A losing battle I tell you.

  4. I write down everything beady-wise in one journal that I keep on hand. I even take it with me when I go places if I know that where I'm gonna go might spark some inspiration!

  5. It's very, very geeky, but we have set up a family e-mail account (the one we give out to schools, soccer teams, church, etc) and both my husband and I use that calendar. That way if I get a call/e-mail changing something I change what's in the calendar and that will show on both our phones and our home computer. My husband does the same too. We put work and family travel on there also. Told you it was very very geeky :-)

  6. My electronic calendar keep me from losing all sense of date, time and appointments. The iPhone gets a workout!
    ~ Laura (Moags)

  7. Post-it notes. I'm old-fashioned but I love them... I have them stuck all over my desk at work and carry one around in my wallet for my "daily stuff". I really enjoy being able to throw out a post-it note once everything on it is complete.

  8. I keep a lot of lists. It's the only way I can get anything done. And sometimes I don't even get to the list part.

  9. I make my lunch the night before and pull out my outfit for the next day. Not having to make those two decisions in the morning helps me stay on track!

  10. I keep a giant to do list! Very low tech, too - pen and paper for me :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  11. I am the queen of lists. I know that if I write it down I won't forget. I carry it with me so I can reference it and love that feeling of crossing something off! I am thinking that it may have to go into my iPhone so it doesn't get lost!

  12. I made a large memo board that I put on the front door. I see it when I'm in my living room and whenever I go outside.

    I always have a dry erase marker nearby and write errands I need to do on there.

  13. I was VERY (anal retentive)...uh organized before kids.Once the kids hit the fan well good bye organization. I find I have to write things down or I'm totally doomed. I really love when I think I'm on top of things and one of the boys "doodles" all over the list in black sharpie.... *awesome*

  14. I am a list writer and use my bathroom mirror to write the list on! You can use a dry erase marker on glass or mirror and it works perfectly. I love being able to wipe something off the list that I have accomplished.

    Another thing that I do is to try to put everything back in its place one I have used it. That has helped so very much!

  15. And drats! I wanted that cuff! lol...congrats to the winner!

  16. I have a list in the kitchen, one in the office, one in my computer which links to my phone and one in my good old diary. I have a notepad full of 'house' todo's (somewhere!) and a list in the wardrobe of clothes I want to buy.

    Problem is I can never find my pens.

    I am recently (this morning) finding that an elastic band to keep the pages of my diary open helps me a little and secures my pen.

  17. Being organized is like breathing for me. I NEED to have structure and organization in my life. I use several methods of staying organized. Mainly my outlook calendar. I love that you can overlay different events/subjects. for example I have an activities/vacation calendar, birthday's and anniversaries calendar, and a bills calendar. That way if I know whats going on with everything but dont get overwhelmed with the multitude of things in one day! Oh and LISTS everywhere! Its still a work in progress... but it works for now, until I find something else that works better!

  18. procrastination and organization do not go well together and sadly, i am a huge procrastinator. i do love the pp, debby, thoughts on making a list before going to bed to empty the mind. i often wake myself up in the middle of the night with worries of what needs to be done. i think i'll try that. tomorrow ;)

  19. Thanks Lori! I am so excited about the cuff bracelet!
    Mom is the organized one in the group which is a good thing or nothing would ever get done! She keeps lists and spreadsheets and I just wing it :)
    Have a great day!

  20. i am a lost cause - but i do try... paper, handwritten lists that i yearn to have lines through at the end of the day...

  21. I'm a huge list person, pen and paper. It just doesn't seem to be satisfying to me unless I can take a sharpie and cross things out. We also use a dry erase calendar on the kitchen wall to keep all things visible to the entire family.
    Hope you day is going swell! -Alison

  22. I'm throwing in an entry for Lara Nguyen who send me a direct message with her answer. :) Here's her comment:

    Contest entry: The most important thing for me to organize my day is google calendar and it's reminders. I wasn't sure how to 'enter'. I hope this works and that I win!

  23. Droid, Calendars & Post-its!!! I consider myself a very organized person. But on the go, I constantly think of things I need to do between work and personal day to day. If I don't write it down, I will totally forget. So I'll either use my phone, calendar or a post-it to make a "to-do" note, then organize it all in the morning. I love check lists but I love checking them off even more! LOL.

  24. well, this isn't really ONE thing, but it all goes together...I check my calendar, I write things down, I look at my calendar/things I wrote down A LOT, and then I go over it in my head a few hundred times.

    which doesn't always help, but makes me look very productive.


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