October 6, 2010

day 4: giveaways, anniversaries, and discounts

It seems that we have many lovers of Pride and Prejudice, Braveheart, and even Rosemary's Baby as well as hoarders of notepads for massive amounts of list making.
(I count myself as one of you)

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

The winner of yesterdays reclaimed leather cell phone/ipod case is Patricia from My Life Under the Bus.
Congratulations Patricia!

And now...

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags & accessories

Wednesday's Waterstone anniversary giveaway is for this gorgeous, recycled green suede pouch. It has the sweetest recycled brown leather flower on the front, a key ring, and inside it has enough room for your girlie stuff, cash, and cell. And speaking of the inside, it's lined with adorable modern floral cotton. What's not to love? And, of course, it could be yours for the low low price of...

clicking on that little "share/save" button at the very bottom of this post.
Sharing the love - it's what we do.

and because that stupid freaking broken pinkie toe is wreaking havoc on my life and any possibility of wearing pretty shoes...

answer this burning question:

What is your favorite brand of shoes? Favorite style?
Are you more of a "grin and bear the pain"
or "give me comfort any day of the week" kind of girl?

Today's giveaway will run through 9:30 p.m. EST Thursday.
I will announce the winner Friday morning. Many thanks to Random.org
And then we'll begin our final and BIGGEST day of the
Waterstone Anniversary Swag Giveaway!

Waterstone Discount for Thursday is:

20% off all handbags & totes!
If you purchase something in this category, don't pay immediately.
DO leave "anniversary discount" in your message and if your paypal account is different from your contact email, leave that information as well. I will send a new invoice.


  1. I like to wear flats, but I really like to wear heels, particularly wedges...but my favorite shoes...my boots. :)

  2. Definitely a comfort chic here! Summer time I am either bare footed or in Gypsy Soule or Cowgirl Chic flip flops! For the winter, definitely Uggs! My feet get cold!!

    Your clutch is beautiful!!

  3. I'm a total comfort girl. I can't bear wearing heels, though I wish I could.

    I'm currently in love with Merrell brand shoes. They're activity shoes (I own a pair of trail running shoes) but they're comfortable and durable. Their Vibram soles are generally made from recycled tires.

  4. Yeah Me !!!!Momma's got a new phone case!!! **cart wheel** I'm a sneaker girl all the way!

  5. I wear sneakers. i really would like a pair of cute high boots this your though.

  6. Mostly I wear tennies...Reeboks. I really like Birkenstocks. I find that, as a woman of a certain age, I go for comfort first!

  7. Love the clutch! I love my Merrell mary janes, but love my boots even more.

  8. I was always a heels girl, love my high-heels. And then I moved to Berlin and they have this pesky (but pretty) cobbled footpaths that make it almost impossible to get around without chunky heels. So it's chunky heels and flats for now.

  9. I tend to go for comfort. I do love a great heel, but my favorites are my Sanita clogs in a great pink/yellow/orange pattern!

  10. My favorite brand of shoes is Keen, always super comfortable with a nice rounded toe so there is no cramp toesies!!
    I hope I win this one, it's CUTE!

  11. I am definitely a flats girl, especially for work! I do miss my combat boots sometimes, so instead I wear my Doc Martins whenever I can.

    Love the clutch!

  12. I'm a flat, comfy kind of girl. If I can't take off and run in my shoes, just in case someone is chasing me, I don't wear them. Painful feet is not a good thing. My feet need to be free!

  13. i'm a comfort girl! i love boots in the winter and ugg's are my fav :) have a great weekend!! susan

  14. I used to be a Nine West heels fanatic, but these days I'm a Dansko clog gal. I'll still don the heels for a special night, but not often!

  15. At this point, I am a comfort girl but I do still love boots of all kinds. I like Clarke's, Dansko, Birks. Love the give aways - thank you.

  16. Boots, boots, boots for me. Love them with dresses and nothing beats them with a great pair of jeans, not to mention the couple extra inches of height they give you!!

  17. I shared on facebook - does that count? I am a comfy shoe girl, but because I wear combat boots 4 days a week, the shoes must be girly and not to chunky, as my tiny size 9s already look chunky enough :-)

  18. Cute little bag.

    I'm a comfort gal. As long as I can I wear sandals but not flip flops - those I can't wear. I'm not brand specific, usually anything leather that is comfy.

    I will say I usually love Naturalizer and Borne for comfort, althought they are not always in my single mother's budget. :(

  19. Ok I've been thinking about this for a while... I really don't know! I think I'm a comfort gal. I've worn a hole in my converse I bought last year and my cowboy boots are knackered. But I do like to put on a big pair of heels and dance around the kitchen like a crazy woman.

    My favourite brand is fly girl love the bright colours.

  20. Yay Patty! She's on a winning streak this month :) Patty won one of my buttons last Friday on the Art Bead Scene!

    I am a comfort kinda gal. I bought a pair of Sanita clogs on zappos.com in August and they haven't come off my feet yet. They totally rock!

  21. Shoes and I have a grand love affair that started with my mother. I am all about the cool fashion, love a great pair of heels, but find myself wearing flats a lot. I do love the kitten heels are coming back, for me they never left, even when I have leopard print and zebra pumps. I think I feel inspired to go on a shoe spree. I could use some new black booties with a pointy toe and about a 3 inch heel.
    Enjoy the day!

  22. would it count if I said house shoes? Well I love comfy, but unfortunately I can't always wear those for work. for comfy I like Privo and Merrell. For work I mainly pick Tamaris (European brand). I have to check out the US brands I have in my closet - I am bad.... to not know them by heart....

  23. Its all about comfort for me. I hate wearing shoes! If its warm enough and I don't have to work/dress up i wear my Locals Slippers (flipflops from Hawaii) when I have to wear up I wear my NineWest Boots.

  24. As much as I love pretty shoes, comfort must come first for me. I learned the hard way when I wore heels to work and then got injured at running practice because they threw everything off! Fortunately, flip flops are pretty much the norm here in FL, so I fit right in :) Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  25. comfort all the way. i have apir of mephisto and birkenstock sandals that i've owned for at least 10 years now. i'm afraid they won't make it through next summer though and i dread having to break in a new pair.

  26. well... it was Bandolino or any think spikey and Italiano... beauty before pain~

    ..now Born.. with the lovely fitted sole and foot room... I am an old lady! Funny with each pregnancy I went up a half size... what's with that??

    I feel for your toe.. a good soak in Epsom salts feels great .. then a rub down with luscious lotion... then then a fluffy socks.... then you HAVE to put your feet up...

  27. I am a total comfort girl! And my favorite brand is yellow box!!


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