October 28, 2010

a find, a couple of lessons, and a giveaway (or two)

[ The Find ]

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories
My big deal of the week - or month - or year. $14.91 and they fit perfectly.
Perfectly broken in. UBER soft.

Only one problem.


studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories
Or out?

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories


[ The Lesson ]

Things I learned this week:

1) Use a calculator when quoting a price
2) Back slowly away from heavy machinery when feeling exhausted.
3) Use a calculator when quoting a price (must be reinforced)


4) Take out is ALWAYS a good thing.


[ The Giveaways ]

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories
Giveaway #1 is for jewelry arteests or jewelry wanna-be arteests...
Mixed Metals by Melinda Barta and Denielle Fox

Run around naked in your front yard screaming, "The Russians are coming!"
then comment and tell me which book you'd like to win.

I know. I can be demanding.

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories
Giveaway #2 for the handbag arteests and the handbag wanna-be arteests...
Haute Handbags, Spring 2010 from Somerest Studio & Belle Armoire

Run around naked in your front yard screaming, "Woot Woot It's my birthday...suit!"

then comment and tell me which book you'd like to win.

Looking forward to this one. (evil grin)

P.S. I'll be throwing in a few related magazines to go with the books. (nice grin)
P.S.S. Cut off for the giveaway is midnight, this Friday.


  1. You're a hoot...you need to elaborate more on your list!!! I would prefer the handbag book...but I must confess...at almost 56 years old...none of our neighbors wants to see this body flopping around the front yard naked...hey, I barely let the hubby see me that way!! :)

  2. $14.00 boots?!?! Nice find!!! I have to do a shameless plug here, I am featured in that Haute Handbag issue, the Shag bag. around pg 76 or something. Of course, I have it, it's a keeper!! LOL!

  3. Why Debi, right you are! NOW I remember why I splurged and got that magazine - which is really a book because it ain't cheap. I'll put you down for the jewelry book. Never too late to learn something new, right?

  4. Love the boots!!!
    Ok, so this morning I ran around in the buff in my front room and quietly said "its freezing in here!" get clothes on! (does that count =)

    (on a side note, in my younger wilder days I did get pulled over because I was topless in my car! it was hot! haha the poor officer busted out laughing when he saw that i was actually wearing a "nude colored bra!" i think he was relieved!

    oh the books... i love to win either books... but if i had to choose: Giveaway #1 is for jewelry arteests or jewelry wanna-be arteests...
    Mixed Metals by Melinda Barta and Denielle Fox


  5. I think "OUT" is my preference.

    I have that book and I'm not a sewer - but just wanted to give my two cents on the boots. they are super!

  6. I always appreciated your somewhat "evil" sense of humor, but killing off the competition(I wish) with a kind offer of a new project is going a bit too far!?!? LOL!

  7. Lorelei, I actually thought to myself, "I'll bet Lorelei already has this book." lol I'm tossing in magazines, too! But you probably have those, too. Heck, you're probably IN them. :)

  8. i ran around naked and nobody saw me, the neighbors are all sailing...a few mosquitos didn't even bite. what should i do?

  9. OK, I ran in the front yard, naked and yelled for you! Next week is my 43rd birthday, so why not?!!!

    I already have the Haute Handbag magazine but the Jewelry book looks intriguing!!!

  10. Funny giveaway! I would love the mixed metals book.

    Great boots!


  11. Hope it counts if I keep my fuzzy socks on (the feet get too cold to run around totally au naturel!)...I'm a little worried about raising the alarm about the Russians, I live pretty close to a naval air base :)
    I vote for the jewelry book, looks interesting and I like the boots with the jeans out.

  12. This post made me laugh so much. Since moving to Berlin I've developed a completely different attitude to nakedness - I used to dash from the bedroom to the bathroom for fear that the neighbours in the apartment across from us would see me. I caught myself last week putting the water on to boil in the kitchen butt naked before I slowly ambled to the shower... what a difference 12 months can make :) Oh, and if I was to be so lucky, I'd like the handbag book.

  13. Ok, pants out! And don't you just love cowboy boots! :) It is 5:15 am, dark and cold out. My butt is freezing and I don't think the neighbors appreciated being woken up this way, but hey, it is for a good cause. I would love the mixed metals book! Just learning to play with metal.

  14. I'm a pants out sort of gal - awesome find!!! I was happy to find a STar Wars complete costume at the thrift shop for 2.25 !! ...and a suit for my son who was in a play for 16.00 ! WOOTWOOT - and thank goodness it's 6:30 in the morning or I am sure someone would call the police on me...or I would cause a solar eclipse. Happy Friday : )

  15. I must concur with the majority. Out.

  16. What a Find! There's nothing more comfortable than a nicely broken in pair of cowgirl boots. I like them out with jeans but like them even more with skirts...
    Would love the mixed metals book...
    Since my birthday IS in a few days, can I do that cheer instead? Because I had already planned to :)

  17. These boots are super! I say In but that just the way I like it...

    I'm in for the handbags books please!!

    P.S. The Russians are indeed coming, tonight, for dinner... as we don't have a front yard here, i'll skip the nakedness but I promise to shout from the balcony before they come!

  18. As I was at work reading your post I was not going to run around naked :) I really need this job and I don't think the co-workers would have appreciated me running around buck naked!

    I agree, out, for the pants and the cowboy boots.

    Mixed metals for me please!

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Here are the bullet points in order:
    "in" if you are doing any stall cleaning in the near future (nobody wants horsey poo on their hemline)
    "out" for all other occasions as the bootcut makes the leg look longer OR
    "as is" if you are sporting a cute, funky skirt (my fave look by far)
    As to the naked running...well, it's windy this morning and certain appendages flapping in the breeze (literally) is never a good thing, but if I really must do it to score that book or 'zine, it would certainly be worth the effort.

    By the way, found a killer pair of Dingo's at thrift last week and wore them to a pumpkin festival that night. Love it!

  20. You are such a nut and you have the bestest giveaways!

    You my dear are totally an in girl.

  21. Well, looks like I'm late, I'm on mountain time here in Texas....
    Mighty fine boots sweetie!! I'm an outie myself but they look cool either way. If I had a chance, I'd pick the jewelry book since I don't sew. Have a Happy Halloween


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