October 19, 2010

lessons learned

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"What lesson did you learn the hard way?"

My answers, yes answer(s):

1) I learned not to ignore my own needs.
2) I learned to appreciate my children's health.
3) I learned to NEVER jump on a treadmill after enjoying two glasses of wine.

My name is Lori, and I learned the hard way.


Okay, it's your turn now. Don't be shy.

What lesson(s) did you learn the hard way?


  1. I learned that when they offer you tequila poppers every time you enter and leave a beach party at your spring break hotel because it is 'required' that you don't actually have to slam them.

    And also on same trip, that if you are smoking clove cigarettes and feeling all cosmopolitan as an 18 year old in Mazatlan, don't have your friends take a picture because your parents will likely find said picture and it won't be a pretty day.

    There are more things I learned the hard way on that same spring break trip well over 20 years ago...but I don't have that kind of time ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

    P.S. My word verification: OUTED.
    I kid you not!

  2. Number one thing I learned the hard way: pack a change of clothes and a toothbrush in your carry-on, because chances are, your luggage WILL get lost on that long flight!!

  3. Lessons learned the hard way:
    1) Love is not easy, no matter what they say
    2) You must love your family even though they drive you nuts sometimes
    3) Don't pick up a rod of glass after you have had it in the flame (still do it that sometimes)
    4) Don't have your fingers in front of the saw blade because the blades do have a tendency to break and your fingers will be cut

  4. Lessons Learned:
    Never lie to your parents they will find out (even if its 15 years later)

    Always have a full tank of gas, it sucks to run out in the middle of nowhere.

    An ex is an ex for a reason. leave it that way!

  5. I learned don't give away your baby clothes just because your 39 and infertile.
    Don't leave makeup out on the counter - inevitably someone will try and eat it.

    My seven year old had a few words of wisdom this week.

    "Make sure you brush your teeth. Rocks that don't brush their teeth loose them. That's how we get pebbles."

    "Nothing in life is free......you have to work for it.....unless it's a food sample.

    HAppy I can see you again !


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