October 21, 2010

studio waterstone discoveries

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm slow. After the "missing content" debacle this past week I happened upon something simply wonderful and I'm just wondering if you've discovered it yourself. It's the new "Stats" tab in your Blogger dashboard. Check it out - you'll be both amazed and thrilled all at the same time.

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories

I've discovered that I LOVE cashmere! Big surprise, right? I found this terrific dark gray graphite cashmere coat and am already dreading the day it runs out. It's been so much fun to work with. This is the bag I worked on today - just a sneak peek. I embroidered a little. Just a little.

Happily, the Studio Waterstone studio contains lots of recycled leather coats and jackets just waiting for the possibilities. I'm looking forward to discovering new looks.

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags and accessories

I discovered this set of coffee cups on Etsy this week. They're by Dorothy Domingo. Coffee is one of my favorite things and little coffee mugs that fit perfectly are tops. They're on my wish list.

How about you? What have you recently discovered?


  1. I discovered that my brain is still working (like for my day job :) ) even after the 4 month baby break.
    I discovered that no work is important anymore when your baby has a really high fever.
    I discovered that people have missed me at the office since in the middle of all this trouble, I seem to be doing a good job cheering people up. And that it feels good to be missed.
    I have discovered that I have not found the right strategy for my etsy shop (no sales yet sniff) & that I need to go work on it.
    And I also discovered that I can read your blog again, which makes me really happy.
    (and I could probably continue this list for a couple more pages.... )

  2. I have only (just) discovered blogger stats
    I have discovered that sleeping in a bed alone makes me feet cold and my heart ache
    I have discovered that releasing the anguish about not liking your job and just turning up is okay, for a little while anyway

  3. i discovered the knit cowl. i just love em!

    I keep meaning to check out the blogger stats more, and keep forgetting. thanks for this reminder!

    i also love the cashmere you are using!

  4. I've discovered that I need to start over.
    I've discovered that life seems to have other plans for me.
    I've discovered not to take myself so seriously.
    I've discovered that the me I'm supposed to be is A LOT easier to live with.
    I've discovered that I miss traveling! (time to go!)

  5. I love cashmere!

    And I've recently discovered this new Etsy shop that I've fallen in love with:


    And now I'm off to go check out that stats thing :)

  6. Thanks for helping me discover the stats thing. I am going to check that out.

    I have discovered that we are more alike than different. We all want the same things, have the same self-doubt, breathe the same air. I have discovered that I need to be gentle with myself and others.

    Thank you for always being so inspiring. I love these questions you post.

    Enjoy the day.


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