October 26, 2010

tell me, tell me...

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags

It's time for Wednesday's Question.

I'm curious...

What's your favorite tool and why?

*I currently have two, my pencil/sketch pad and my seam ripper.
FYI: Handbag from this sketch.


  1. I have loved my cordless Dewalt drill ever since Mom gave it to my on my 21st birthday. I ran around the house with it, pulling the trigger and yelling TOWANDA at the time.

    Or did you mean strictly craft related? Because then it would be a toss up between my smashers and my pliers when working at the torch :)

  2. I am always saying how much I love my little torch...it is sooooo sweet!
    I love your new design, especially the big flap with the magnetic closure.

  3. I was thinking about this last night! My favourite tool is my little grater. It grates really well and cleans even better. Love it!

  4. currently my favorite is my disc cutter- it serves 2 purposes: make pretty jewelry AND pound out my frustration!

  5. My favorite tool is my corner rounder punch. Simple, but such a lovely effect!

  6. My split ring plier without a doubt have saved my nails as well as my sanity. And I love love my little embroidery scissors.. sharp, pointed and just the right size to clip into tight spots!

  7. Hahaha! Kelley, you crack me up. TOWANDA!

  8. Totally agree, Lisa. Those pointy little scissors rock!

  9. Kelly, I don't know how anyone can LIVE without a good cordless drill!(TOWANDA-love it)!
    I also have a small seam ripper that I love, and can not find another one like it. Hope I never loose it! Also, my rotary cutters! Great question, Lori!

  10. My current favorite tool is my cordless camera shutter remote!
    Craft related favorite tools fabri-tac glue and frey-check!

  11. When working with metal (for mom) jewelers saw and files and working with glass (for me) smashers and tungsten pick.

  12. OH! OOOOH! OOOOHHH! you're killing me with these gorgeous bags! I need to win the lottery....

    favorite tool? besides my groovy cool, cheapo plastic magnifying glasses? mallet, rawhide mallet. and pliers. any kind of pliers. love pliers. I'm a manually fixated kind of gal.


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