November 18, 2010

studio randomness and a poll. not pole! poll!


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of working with Marcie of La Bella Joya on a collaboration for a client. Well, in all honesty, she did most of the work. I just provided a recycled wool template for her to spin her magic upon. GORGEOUS! Wouldn't you agree? When she returned the basic cutout with her beadwork I was amazed at the intricate detailing.


It was a little difficult sending the clutch back to her. I would have given it a good home.


It's been a fairly good week for Studio Waterstone.
I gained a few more views from the Etsy Fashion email from November 16th.
One of my recycled cell phone cases made it into Viva La Moda, page 26.
Can't complain. Can't complain at all...

although if given a chance and being the pre-menopausal woman that I am,
I'm sure I could come up with something on a whim.


Contemplating the continuation of a few weekly features.
As an easy, anonymous solution, I've started one of everyone's all time faves...


(to your right and directly up)
Now notice, I want to know your LEAST favorite. LEAST favorite.

In order to protect my delicate nervous system, you can only vote for one item.


Did I say that it's ANONYMOUS? (Why yes, Lori, I think you did.)
So, that means that no matter how hard I try to find out who voted or what you voted for,
I can't.

Hop over and give me your opinion.
Commenting works, too. I'll take both - or either.


  1. Least favorite - Tutorials??!?!?! REALLY????? That's just wrong....LOL!

  2. How did you lt that go??? It's fantastic!!! I don't think I have a least favorite......

  3. Hahah - not enough caffeine today!!!
    * How did you let that go!*

    You both do amazing work!!!

  4. In my shock and amazement, I forgot to say how beautiful the bag is and congrats on the feature! (dah)

  5. dangit, I read it wrong and voted before reading LEAST. I just destroyed your poll. I'm sorry, I'm shtupid and I can't read :(

  6. Dang it, Kelley! If it's close you'll HAVE to tell me what you voted wrong on. Oh well. I thought that just MAYBE this concept may be a problem.

  7. I agree, Debi. Honestly the tutorial section is my most viewed topic - by a LONG shot. But, hey, you never know. People may be interested in looking and then think, "this lady has really crappy tutorials."

  8. Okay, that clutch is beautiful...I'm drooling on my keyboard. *least* favorite, huh? Uhhm, d'ya have "nothing" as an answer? ;)

  9. I adore that clutch. Make more, please.....

  10. You're sweet, Holly. So far it looks like the least favorite is Wednesday's Question. I'm good with that. Also, Kelley's bad vote was for her favorite which was the weekly wrap which, thank goodness, brings it back down to 0. (I love my weekly wrap up.)


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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