November 29, 2010

studio waterstone: a sale, a recovery, and a winner


We ate, and ate, and then we ate more.
(Wes was nearly killed by a rogue pomegranate. The dish, however, was delicious.)


We walked, played cards, laughed, watched old movies, rode bikes, shopped.
Oh, we shopped.

And now we are in the process of recovery.

How was yours?


The Giveaway


We looked over the Thanksgiving dishes and the one that intrigued the most was...

Italian Chard Stuffing from Carlene.
I must try this.

Congratulations, Carlene! You've won the recycled leather key pouch shown above.


P.S. Studio Waterstone is having a Cyber Monday sale!
15% off everything in the shop.
Don't miss it! I'm not sure that I'll have another sale before Christmas!


Have a wonderful Monday. See you tomorrow with some tutorial love.


  1. Oh wow, it looks like it's still warm there! We've got snow!

  2. Rouge pomegranates are the worst! But yours is pretty.

    Congrats Carlene. You are going to love that key pouch!

  3. Ooooh scary pomegranate - I have nightmares about those things! Happy Monday!!!

  4. I'm still finding pomegranate bits under the cupboards after this summers attempt at a fruit salad. Never going to be healthy again!

  5. Julia,
    We were blessed with GORGEOUS weather on Thanksgiving day - I think it was upper 60's. Making up for it now, though. BRRRRR. :)

  6. I bought my kids a pomegranate to try and it looked like someone had been murdered when they finished with it. Messy but delicious!!!

  7. Yaaaaaaahoo! I'm so excited! I love green! I think the whole office can hear me squealing! Thank you Lori!!! And I'll get that recipe to you tonight! You'll like it. Very yummy.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my neglected blog.

    And, thanks for reminding me to crack open the beautiful pomegrante on my dining room table.


  9. Sounds like such a nice family holiday! I'm sure you were thrilled to have your son home.

    Craig loves pomegranates but I never know what to do with them, other than tediously pick out the seeds and pop them in my mouth. I cut one open for him on Saturday and it's still sitting on the kitchen table...sigh...

    We were on vacation last week, so just catching up - still have 200 e-mails to go.

    Glad you had such a nice holiday weekend!



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