November 8, 2010

studio waterstone tutorial: fall scarf

A few years ago, when scarves were just becoming popular again, the trend was all about skinny scarves. Of course, being a "young" 48 and having a little excess chin skin, I was thrilled at the prospect of wrapping something around my neck. I accumulated quite a few scarves of my own.

Fast forward, I still have a few beautiful skinny scarves, but what I REALLY want is a wider style for the cooler months. I actually bought a similar style this past spring and thought - once again - I can do this. You won't believe how easy this is to accomplish.

What you'll need:

studio waterstone eco recycled leather handbags scarf tutorial

two long skinny scarves, approximately the same length
sewing machine or needle and thread

What you'll do:

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags scarf tutorial

Find the halfway point of each scarf and beginning in the middle, pin the scarves together along one edge.

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags scarf tutorial

Stitch along the edge.

Now, guess what? You're done!

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags scarf tutorial

My new scarf

waterstone eco recycled leather handbags scarf tutorial

My new scarf wrapped around my neck.

Not as tight as a noose and not as loose as my skin.

Juuust right.


  1. Love your new header! Thanks for the very easy but nice, scarf tutorial. Have a great evening.

  2. See? This could have been your contribution for the Soul Sisters getaway!

  3. Looks great!! I love your look:)
    Visiting from

  4. Awe! Such simple and great! Looks good on you!

    P.S. Love your new banner!

  5. Soooo clever love it!!!......Can we do a tutorial on at home neck liposuction next week??? LOL - my 46 yr old neck is hangin' a bit lo......sigh.

  6. great tip! I love scarves too! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!!

  7. that is genius. may have to do this for a couple skinny knitted scarves I have. but with hand stitching.


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