November 14, 2010


Did you know that there are little gnomes who come into your house at night and put desserts in your kitchen? They do! I promise. Just today I was scrounging around and came across a near perfect piece of tiramisu. Yesterday it was frosted sugar cookies and the day before that it was chocolate dipped strawberries. What? You haven't heard of the gnomes?

As I was riding the wave of a serious sugar high, I pondered.
What kind of sweet treats can be found on Etsy?


And fat free.

studio waterstone

Was it as good for you?


  1. I want to eat everything here ! :-D

  2. These are all fabulous finds! I'm sure I'd be very tempted to take a little taste... they all look so real! Especially those donuts :)

  3. I'm so glad I haven't had lunch yet! Now I want a sweets-high ;) These are just luscious...thanks for finding them!

  4. Is it proper to lick your computer screen?????????

    Might fine finds!!!

  5. ...I don't think I could be left alone with any of those and not attempt a nibble......

  6. Oh wow! Well, I guess that's ONE way to diet!


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