December 3, 2010

studio waterstone: it's a wrap, studio saturday

studio waterstone its a wrap
Meet the bane of my existence these seven long days.
[ notice how much is left. notice it's in my studio. that's where I hide the good stuff. ]

studio waterstone its a wrap
The other bane of my existence. She seems to have a special yen for leather.
Must run in the family.

studio waterstone its a wrap
The fact that I work on the floor probably doesn't help the situation.


Studio Waterstone: It's a Wrap, Studio Saturday
One day early - what a treat.

studio waterstone its a wrap
Created from a recycled suede skirt, recycled leather strap, and the lining is recycled, too!

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ sold ]

studio waterstone its a wrap
Decorated with recycled leather and other eco-friendly components.

studio waterstone its a wrap
Created from a full length black leather coat, recycled leather belt & buckle,
and bold red recycled cotton lining.

studio waterstone its a wrap
Notice the bird. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with birds.

studio waterstone its a wrap
It's called The Distressed Weekender and it's a size large.
It's made from a recycled leather bomber jacket. The red lining is recycled, too.

studio waterstone its a wrap
This is called The Weekender also and it's a size large, too.
Created using a recycled black leather coat.

studio waterstone its a wrap
This one isn't as large in real life as it appears in the picture.
All of the leather used including the strap is recycled.

studio waterstone its a wrap
Bird obsession continues...
Created using all recycled leather as well as the belt strap.

*The photos are clickable!
The bottom three will go in the shop tonight if I don't pass out from an overdose of cold medicine first. Entirely possible but not probable.

It's Studio Saturday Friday and you know what that means!
Join in and share something you've done this week if you feel so inclined.
It would make me especially happy.


  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with the over sized bomber bag with the red bird - that is fantastic. Of course I am drooling all over the keyboard for the other over sized bags too! Love your helper - what a darling.

  2. Have you ever had the Moose Munch chocolate bars??? O...M...G....I hide them all over. HEAVEN ! I can't believe you've got that smidgen wrapped up I would have eaten it. litle red favorite sold : (...sigh

  3. Lori, I love the little floral leather clutches! They are gorgeous. As for evil kitty, I have some kangaroo leather craft strapping that our Tig adores...I guess it is in their nature!

    ~ Laura (Moags)

  4. Love this weeks projects!!! I've been working on beaded stitch markers to sell at my local yarn store... its been fun! i still need to take photos of them and get them packaged up!

  5. Gaaa - it's so pathetic but my husband is in construction so we have all sorts of nifty things like space heaters and klieg lights. Unfortunately trying to keep our expenses as low as possible I can't afford the extra electric to run the bloody things. We bought this house as a fixer upper 4 years ago and then my husbands pay was cut 30% and we are unable to sell the house for any where near what we paid. Hence the use of the dining room table - I have to go find my banjo and tooth's here somewhere....

  6. Patty,
    We can share our woes together. Three years in our house - bought it right before the "crash". Bah. Well, here's to dining room studios!

  7. I love this blog...It makes me feel great...
    Those over sized bags are awesome Lori...

  8. So I have to tell you that every time I read it's wrap, my husband is always in the room some how. And when I gasp loudly at something because I just love it so much, it scares him. And he says What? Super concerned and then I say look! It has _____ and ______ and I love it! Well tonight I did it to the flower print tiny case with the leather bird (because I have been coveting the big bag with this pretty flower fabric) and so right after I gasped, my husband, What? Is it a pretty bag? :)


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