December 2, 2010

things to make it all better

Being Dr. Mom, a woman who never gets sick, I have to say that this cold is kicking butt! My family will tell you that I'm not a complainer. Okay, that's not true. When it does hit, I whine and moan with the best of them.

As I sit and sip Russian tea, TRYING to concentrate on working but totally unable to, I find myself wanting to curl up on the sofa and vegetate. In order to do so properly, I need these, a.k.a. my wish list...

studio waterstone the wish list
Are these just for kids? Because I sure would love a sock monkey hat.
I know that it would make my cold all better.

studio waterstone the wish list
I've had a serious yen for the fingerless gloves with the little pull over cap.
What are they really called? Well, I want that.
They would keep my cold hands warm. Perfect for holding a cup of hot tea.

And making colds all better.

studio waterstone the wish list
I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'll scream from the rooftops if need be.
(But please don't make me because I'm terribly uncoordinated.)
I want these slippers from Ing00te.
They would make my feet feel warm and cozy and I'm sure...

...make my cold all better.

studio waterstone the wish list
I need these cups from Dorothy Domingo to hold my tea.
They would most certainly make my cold...

...all better.

studio waterstone the wish list
And finally, I need these earrings from GheckoJ.
Okay, so maybe I don't NEED them.

But they sure would make my cold all...


Don't you think?

*The top two photos are from Sundance Catalog.


  1. I hope you start to feel better soon. Mom is just getting over her cold and I have my fingers crossed that I don't get it. Yes, I agree I would love to have a sock monkey hat too - that hat is too cute. Those earrings are gorgeous from GheckoJ. I think I will need to go and check them out. Drink lots of tea and take Vitamin C! Take care!

  2. The slippers for sure! I'm in desperate need of a good wool pair. I've blown through my last two and regular slippers don't cut it around the house. Warm feet = happy me!

  3. Those earrings from GeckoJ are mah-va-lous. I hope you are feeling.....all better today!

  4. Love your finds..... Those earring... oh... those earrings.. sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!


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