December 11, 2010

three inspiring things

Are you having an inspired weekend? I said something in my last post about Christmas shopping. Yes, I procrastinated - again. I had the glass of wine. I had the credit card, but inspired I was not.

Did clean the studio and whoa Nellie. I told Mr. W. that if we end up moving I have no EARTHLY idea how I will make that room look organized. Think I'll just put a sign of apology on the door to any looker who happens to walk through. Anyway, that's not what I'm here for. I had to show you what I found tonight.

studio waterstone three inspiring things

#1 - taken

studio waterstone three inspiring things

#2 - from

studio waterstone three inspiring things

#3 - my cell phone.

No editing. Pretty sure that it's nicer than my regular camera.
Talk about inspired!

Hope you've stumbled onto something inspiring this weekend.


  1. That is so awesome. I really want to upgrade my iPhone so I can leave the point and shoot at home. HA!

  2. Gorgeous pics ~ my cell phone pics... awful!!!! We've gotten 14 inches of snow since yesterday, so I am inspired to stay inside with a glass of wine and my sister and brother in law who came from out of town and are snowed in :)

  3. These are seriously wesome!!
    What mobile phone is it? Not an iPhone I understand.
    It's pretty incredible.
    I once posted about how great photos comes from great photographers (=great eyes) and not great cameras and it's just proved to be right again.

  4. wow - gorgeous! I especially love that last one!

  5. Wow - I can't believe that was taken from your phone. They are gorgeous!

  6. It's the Motorola Droid. It's not the most recent versions so maybe the original. Thanks for the compliment! I was amazed when I cleaned out my phone yesterday.

  7. I can't believe those are cell phone images! All the sunlight pouring in is gorgeous.

  8. Hey! I just had to drop you this note. Yesterday I purchased your gorgeous bomber jacket bag. I am not a shopper, I like seeing money coming in, not out. But this purse has been on my mind for too long. Also, I am planning on giving it to my daughter for Christmas, although it is far more than I would usually spend on one item for her, but knew she'd love it and it will last forever. Here's the bizarre part.... My shops tag is Jewelry from Waters Edge, made my purchase from you - Waterstone, 6 min. later had a sale from someone in GA on Waters Edge Lane. It was the highest price ring in my shop, and nearly covered my purchase. Synchronicity? :)

  9. J Norvelle - what an amazing story. Yes I think karma sometimes has a way of working itself around and through our lives. I'm honored that you've purchased this bag for your daughter as a gift. Very sweet.

  10. Beautiful inspiration! Good luck to you in your future plans. These can be very uncertain times. I know that I am grateful that I have everything I need. My husband and I would love to have a business together, but aren't ready to take that risk when we have kids from 11 to 19. Just too hard.


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