November 29, 2010

a studio waterstone feature and my favorite tutorials

Waking to an alarm after an extra long weekend isn't my idea of bliss. But waking up to an alarm to discover that Studio Waterstone made Etsy's front page this morning is a horse of a different color! My first front page and on Cyber Monday, to boot! Let's just say it ended up being a three cup Godiva coffee morning - a veritable red letter day.

Studio Waterstone Etsy Front Page
Big shout out, thank you to Bee Vintage Redux


Since this is crunch time for me, I decided to show you a few of my favorite tutorials. In the unforgettable words of dear Mr. Darcy, "I love, love, love, you these fabulous tutorials." Enjoy.

Studio Waterstone Favorite Tutorials

A real DSLR is at the top of my wish list for next year. When I do splurge, this camera strap is the first thing I will make to carry my new pretty. It's by Michelle from Michelle My Belle. Isn't that the coolest looking camera strap EVER?!?!

studio waterstone favorite tutorials

This tutorial is from a site called and I have no idea how I meandered over, but I'm simply enamored with these easy, recycled sweater bags - especially the embroidered one.

studio waterstone favorite tutorials

Me thinks that it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm a scarf freak. I have every reason to love scarves as they are very pretty and hide a multitude of sins. This scarf tutorial from One Flew Over had me at scrunchy linen.

studio waterstone favorite tutorials

This particular tutorial from The Empty Nest sparked my inspiration for using shipping tags on my handbags. These tags are ADORABLE and make me want a strong cup of coffee REAL bad.


That's all folks. If you're half as inspired as I'm feeling right now, you're running for your box o'stuff, your credit card, keys, and a map to the nearest supply store.

Have a good one.

studio waterstone: a sale, a recovery, and a winner


We ate, and ate, and then we ate more.
(Wes was nearly killed by a rogue pomegranate. The dish, however, was delicious.)


We walked, played cards, laughed, watched old movies, rode bikes, shopped.
Oh, we shopped.

And now we are in the process of recovery.

How was yours?


The Giveaway


We looked over the Thanksgiving dishes and the one that intrigued the most was...

Italian Chard Stuffing from Carlene.
I must try this.

Congratulations, Carlene! You've won the recycled leather key pouch shown above.


P.S. Studio Waterstone is having a Cyber Monday sale!
15% off everything in the shop.
Don't miss it! I'm not sure that I'll have another sale before Christmas!


Have a wonderful Monday. See you tomorrow with some tutorial love.

November 28, 2010

to get your juices flowing

studio waterstone handbags

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
~Albert Einstein

studio waterstone handbags

Where there is no fear, there is no creativity.
~Christoper Lowell

studio waterstone handbags

There are no rules. Just follow your heart.
~Robin Williams

studio waterstone handbags

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.
~Beverly Sills

Have an inspired week.

November 24, 2010

a holiday and a sale!

studio waterstone

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Studio Waterstone is having a SALE.
Thanksgiving day through Monday, November 29th.
20% off EVERYTHING in the shop.
(Use coupon code: Black2010)

And don't forget that in addition, Studio Waterstone is offering FREE SHIPPING
through Christmas.


Also, the handbag shown above is featured in Handmadeology Reaction.
Click here to take a look and, hopefully, vote and spread the word!


I will be away from blogland until Monday. So, until then...

Gobble, Gobble!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

November 21, 2010

studio waterstone: a tutorial & a recipe

Imagine my panic. I grab a Studio Waterstone label to sew into a new handbag and what do I discover? Only five labels left! It's the third week of November and I only have five labels! So, so not good.

What do you do with lemons? Why, you make lemonade, right?

Tutorial: Making Labels and Other Goodies with Printable Fabric
What's that? YES! Printable fabric.

studio waterstone tutorials

You can get this on a roll or a pack of 8.5 x 11 sheets.
I went for the roll.

Using Word, I went to the "label" project and created my label.
I then cut an 11" long sheet from my roll of fabric
and printed it out using my regular inkjet printer.

studio waterstone tutorials

*Tip: go ahead and pull the backing from the fabric because it ravels just a bit.
This will prevent raveling on each label.

studio waterstone tutorials

After the labels are cut, I go around the edges a little with Fray Check.

studio waterstone tutorials

It was a a little more work, but much more cost effective and I actually like these labels better!

I got so excited with my printable fabric...

studio waterstone tutorials

...that I made a shopping bag for my friend, Lynn, who will be visiting for Thanksgiving.
Want to guess what we'll be doing on Black Friday?

With this printable fabric, you are only limited by your imagination.


Now, totally unrelated but nevertheless extremely delicious:

Gluten Free Cornbread Dressing

This recipe is converted from our family dressing recipe.
It can very easily be converted back to non-gluten free.

studio waterstone recipe gluten free cornbread dressing

One batch each of:
Gluten Free Buttermilk Biscuits from
Cornbread from Bob's Red Mill GF Cornbread Mix
(make this one day before you make the dressing)

Saute one diced onion & an equal amount of celery in butter.

Crumble the cornbread and biscuits into a large bowl. Add the onion and celery.
Add sage to taste (Be careful. A little goes a long way!)
Add one can of gluten free cream of chicken soup
and gluten free chicken broth. (You'll want VERY moist dough-y consistency)

We prefer to spread it thin onto a cookie sheet which has about a 1.5" side.
(more crunchy goodness)
Bake at 350 degrees until it's golden brown on top.


P.S. Have you seen the new giveaway?
Don't miss out!

studio waterstone: a week full of treats

studio waterstone giveaway
I was recently thrilled to win a glorious grouping of beautiful beaded pulls from La Bella Joya. Aren't they pretty? I can't wait to play with these babies and add them to a few Studio Waterstone Clutches. Thank you so much, Marcie.


So, so ready for Thanksgiving week! We've got company coming in and I'm looking forward to time off with friends and family. Mr. Waterstone creates the majority of our meal but Wes has volunteered to make the pumpkin pie and, believe it or not, a delicious looking brussels sprouts recipe he's found. Jes refuses to eat sweet potato casserole (which we make anyway - hey, it's a dessert disguised as a side dish!) so she's making mashed potatoes. Me? I'll be cooking in the studio right up until Thursday, then I'll eat. It's the least I can do.

And until that time, the blogging will go on!


Tuesday: Brand New Tutorial and
a totally unrelated Thanksgiving family recipe

Wednesday: Special Thanksgiving Announcement
(hint: ready for Black Friday?)


studio waterstone giveaway

Woo Hoo! Time to say, "Happy Thanksgiving to me!"

This week I'll be giving away this sweet little recycled green leather pouch/key chain thingy.
(I really don't know what these little things are officially called, but I sure love them.)


What must you do to enter?

Tell me. What's your favorite holiday dish? Briefly describe, please.
(Yes, I changed the question. The original question was:
Best holiday story please. If you worked on an answer to the first question, feel free to submit it. It will still count and I will be immensely impressed. :)

The best sounding dish wins. A team of specialized food reviewers will pour over your comments between now and next Sunday night. On Monday, a winner will be announced.
Good luck and let the storytelling begin!

November 20, 2010


studio waterstone

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."

~George Eliot

November 19, 2010

it's a wrap: studio saturday

It's been a busy week here at Studio Waterstone. Mr. Waterstone and everyone else in the Waterstone family know that mama has officially kicked into gear. Under normal circumstances, they expect very little from me and at this time of year...well, let's just say that it's a good thing Mr. W heads up the Thanksgiving meal.

In addition to flying leather, fabric, cats, dogs, and a few well chosen curse words, this is what went down in the studio this week...

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ sold ]

studio waterstone its a wrap

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ sweet little key pouches. the middle one has sold ]

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ sold ]

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ another sweet pouch ]

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ sweet BIG pouch - uh, handbag ]

studio waterstone its a wrap

studio waterstone its a wrap

studio waterstone its a wrap
[ four new crossbody handbags. one is on it's way to a new home and three are available. ]

The picture directly above was taken this morning. Said model went to the 12:03 a.m. showing of Harry Potter. (12:01 and 12:02 were sold out)
She was tired and, I must add, not a very friendly model.

...and to round out the week, I made this.

studio waterstone its a wrap

I fell in love and couldn't (wouldn't) let go.
No, I mean really. I wouldn't let go.

studio waterstone its a wrap

My rationalization...
I haven't got one - rationalization, that is. My reasoning was straight from the heart.
An early Christmas present for myself.

P.S. Please share your week with the rest of the class.
Link up below!

P.S.S. Take a sec to take the survey in the upper right column. Thank you!

and stay tuned...

I'm thinking of a surprise giveaway(s) soon.

*Most of the above items are available in the StudioWaterstone shop.*

November 18, 2010

studio randomness and a poll. not pole! poll!


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of working with Marcie of La Bella Joya on a collaboration for a client. Well, in all honesty, she did most of the work. I just provided a recycled wool template for her to spin her magic upon. GORGEOUS! Wouldn't you agree? When she returned the basic cutout with her beadwork I was amazed at the intricate detailing.


It was a little difficult sending the clutch back to her. I would have given it a good home.


It's been a fairly good week for Studio Waterstone.
I gained a few more views from the Etsy Fashion email from November 16th.
One of my recycled cell phone cases made it into Viva La Moda, page 26.
Can't complain. Can't complain at all...

although if given a chance and being the pre-menopausal woman that I am,
I'm sure I could come up with something on a whim.


Contemplating the continuation of a few weekly features.
As an easy, anonymous solution, I've started one of everyone's all time faves...


(to your right and directly up)
Now notice, I want to know your LEAST favorite. LEAST favorite.

In order to protect my delicate nervous system, you can only vote for one item.


Did I say that it's ANONYMOUS? (Why yes, Lori, I think you did.)
So, that means that no matter how hard I try to find out who voted or what you voted for,
I can't.

Hop over and give me your opinion.
Commenting works, too. I'll take both - or either.

November 17, 2010

where we create

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags where we create
This is my sometimes model. She doesn't complain.

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags where we create
My Juki. I've spent most of my time here this week.
This thing is beyond heavy. It'll probably live longer than me.

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags where we create
Just one of my bags of tricks

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags where we create
Leather. Up close and personal.

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags where we create
Do you keep a bulletin board? Great place to post inspiration.
And things you usually forget. For me, that's pretty much everything.

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags where we create
Sophie. She's a big part of my creative space.

That's my creative space.
(notice I took tight shots. if you look directly at it right now you'll go blind)

Now show me yours...

November 16, 2010

it's all about the music

studio waterstone

My name is Lori Plyler and I'm a gleek.

Total. Gleek.
Curt had the best quote this week,

"Oh my gosh! I open my mouth and a little purse falls out!"

It's so me!

Therefore I ask this earth shattering, thought provoking question...

Favorite musical?
Tell me about it...stud. (tee hee)

P.S. I was thrilled to get into an Etsy Fashion feature today. Eeeee!
Check it out.

November 15, 2010

studio waterstone tutorial: easiest scarf ever


Never been one for overly ambitious, tedious tasks. Just ask my family.

Here's what you need:
One skirt

Here's what you do:

Lay the skirt out flat with the bottom seams together.
Measure a 15" width and cut straight across.
That's it.


I now have a LONG 15" wide circle which I begin to wrap around my neck.
Not tight enough to choke.
Not too loose.


Just right.

Intrigued? Here are my other tutorials.


November 14, 2010


Did you know that there are little gnomes who come into your house at night and put desserts in your kitchen? They do! I promise. Just today I was scrounging around and came across a near perfect piece of tiramisu. Yesterday it was frosted sugar cookies and the day before that it was chocolate dipped strawberries. What? You haven't heard of the gnomes?

As I was riding the wave of a serious sugar high, I pondered.
What kind of sweet treats can be found on Etsy?


And fat free.

studio waterstone

Was it as good for you?

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