January 30, 2011

monday love: comfort

As a woman of 49, I love to play dress up when given the chance. But every other day (and even during dress up) comfort is the name of the game, the top of the totum pole, one of the main sources of peace and tranquility. Just give me ...

studio waterstone comfort
studio waterstone comfort
studio waterstone comfort
...a soft embraceable scarf from Jumi Felt

studio waterstone comfort
...of course, my pup needs warmth and comfort, too. from Oktober Farm

studio waterstone comfort
...thoughts of frothy goodness from Sixth & Main

studio waterstone comfort
...one smooth wooden bangle from Wooden Things & Me

~ Comfort ~


  1. I'm loving those Yoga Hippie Pants! They look super comfy!

  2. Thanks for featuring my tea!!! I'm excited :)
    Enjoy - especially in this cold weather (well, at least here in IN it's cold ;))

  3. I forgot: I do have a blog as well - I just started, so it needs followers (pretty, please ;))

    and I appreciate fans on my facebook page as well


  4. Ok, the tea is totally a comfort for me, but not so sure about the hippie yoga pants. Think I'd be worried about them falling off or something. My dark green corduroy couch is also on my comfort list.
    Heading over to the tea blog now! Thanks!

  5. Very, very comforting picks. And lovely too. Thank you for including me Sheets.

  6. Thanks for featuring my shawl.
    Great pick!


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