January 3, 2011

studio waterstone creative storage solutions

The wonderful thing about studio storage, or any other storage for that matter, is that the more unusual and creative the better! For example, the crystal pitcher shown above belonged to my Grandmother Bailey and it's the ideal solution for holding taller items.

I found this mannequin in a thrift shop and it's perfect for modeling jewelry and handbags.

I can't remember where we found this small chalkboard cabinet, but it sits on the back of my desk and is great for hiding things and keeping track of orders.


Don't forget mismatched bowls! They're ideal for holding beads, buttons, etc.

My bookshelves are lined with canning jars which hold buttons, paint, paintbrushes, etc.

Call me old fashioned, but nothing surpasses a paper Moleskine planner.
It's filled each week with daily to-do lists as well as notes and sketches.
I have another one with plain pages for more detailed sketches and handbag designs.

Be sure to look around your house for unused dishes and glassware as well as trays, baskets,
and bookshelves. Additional resources include thrift shops and garage sales.


Finally, don't forget to return to Studio Waterstone this Thursday as we begin a new weekly series called "Featuring Studio Spaces". Each week will include an artist's interview as well as studio pictures.

Interested in being featured in Featuring Studio Spaces?
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  1. What a lovely studio! I'd love to be included (couldn't find the contact button!)

  2. I love seeing your studio, it is so 'real'. Looking forward to the new Thursday series...Love your new header!

  3. Real is right. :) Nothing fancy here, no matter how hard I try.

    Copper, I'm emailing you tomorrow.

  4. Love your studio storage! My husband is a paper and pen person all the way and currently uses composition notebooks. (My daughter made him two with custom covers for Christmas.) I struggle with various methods. I have my calendar on the computer but then I print it out. I like daily "to do" lists, but if I put them in a book I lose them after a couple days. I'll continue the quest for the perfect system.

  5. your images are so soft and wonderful....thanks for sharing!


  6. I am really looking forward to your new feature! I am currently going thru a whole house reorganization and love the great ideas! Inspiring to say the least....

  7. Beautiful - love the mannequin and the warm personal studio space.


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