February 3, 2011

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If you know me personally you'd know that I'm your average female, sometimes church-attending - sometimes not, American. My dreams are never remembered and they're never meaningful. I've dreamed of my deceased father a couple of times since his death, but the dreams are always typical and uneventful - nothing out of the ordinary.

It happened yesterday morning and I want to document this for myself although I know I'll never forget it. Because of uncertain personal circumstances, I had tossed and turned the past couple of nights. Thursday morning, after returning to bed around 4:30 I finally fell asleep. The dream was typical and discombobulated but at the end I walked into my kitchen and looked down at something on the floor consciously asking why it was on the floor. I looked up and my mother came through the doorway and began walking toward me. (My mom passed a couple of weeks ago after a brief illness)

I immediately and consciously realized that she was dead, but I was so excited to see her! She was in her mid 40's and I remember what she wore. I said "mama" several times as we came toward one another. She had a peaceful, happy smile - not too broad. Her eyes were bright and smiling. Smiling eyes. The odd thing was that as we came face to face I remember consciously thinking that her face was completely smooth - like a baby's skin. There wasn't one single wrinkle but I knew her age was mid 40's. (She was 82 when she passed)

As I came to her I had my arms out and so did she. I asked if I could touch her or would I not be able to. That's when, even though her smiling expression never changed and she never spoke, I was told, "sure go ahead and touch me". I touched her arms and was so happy because I could feel real arms! We began to hug and I woke up.

When I woke up my heart was pounding but after about 30 seconds I had a total feeling of happiness, peace, and calm.

Later in the morning I called my sister to tell her about the dream and when I said I had a REAL contact "dream" with our mother, she was totally shocked. Anne, my sister, is the executor and is dealing with quite a bit of stuff right now. She said that last night as she poured over paperwork, she expressed out loud that she'd just like to know that everything will be fine, that mama is truly in a better place now, without pain. She said that she didn't expect a direct sign - that would be a little cheesy. But if there was some way that she could let her know that things were good...

Now I know that sometimes we imagine things and wish for things to happen - in the past I've always been the unbeliever in happenings such as this, chalking it up to a vivid imagination.

Not anymore.  While this happened in my sleep, it was not a dream.  It was different, totally unexpected, totally unlike anything I've ever experienced and 100% true.

Pretty cool, right?


  1. **** crying right now. this is beautiful- and I am so happy you were able to have this type of connection with your Mama. so COOL!

  2. You were allowed to reach beyond the veil. I can't begin to imagine the kind of peace I am sure you experienced. Mysterious ways and all that...extremely cool.

  3. That is cool. After my father passed I had a dream like yours where I knew he was dead but still the dream went on as if the death wasn't in the way, that's the only way I can explain it...I am a christian and I believe that our God is a loving God and He promised He would never leave us, and He knows what we need and when we need it. A little taste of Heaven and The Perfect Love for you.

  4. Lori, this post just gave me chills and reached inside. Hard. What a wonderful experience you have had, and quite the sign too. {hugs}

  5. Oh wow, Lori. I have tears after reading this. What a wonderful dream to have!

  6. Our God is so good...My Mom dreamed about her Dad sometimes like that, and was so peaceful afterward. I think Sherri B. said it best....hugs to you, Lori

  7. How absolutely lovely...what a blessing and comfort for you.

  8. Amazing Lori! What a beautiful experience for you.

  9. Oh Lori - really what a gift for you at this time! Wishing this offers comfort and peace to you and your family!

  10. Wow that is so very cool and very comforting. I hope Grandma Enid is with her beloved as well.

  11. this was a lovely dream contact.it brought tears to my eyes..
    after a dear friend passed i had contact dreams ..like yours he was younger in great health and happy. when i would awake it was like i had been visiting..but there was never a verbal"conversation" i think it's our loved ones reassuring us they are OK.

  12. Tears in my eyes. THis is so amazing. You are so very lucky.

  13. It is very cool. What an amazing dream and thank you for sharing. I believe sometimes we are offered a glimpse into what is to come - or at least what we hope for. When my dad lay dying my mom came down at that instant because she heard people running around downstairs. I like to think of it as angels coming to take my dad or perhaps his brothers. I am glad you found comfort in this.

  14. that is so awesome! you got to see for yourself that your mom is happy and healthy and is doing ok. She wants you to know that she is ok and everything will be fine. My dad did the same thing for me shortly after he died and I've never forgotten it.
    good for you to feel such peace now!

  15. What a blessing. And so good to know I won't have to carry these wrinkles with me. :) Seriously though, I lost my Dad last year, and it has been such a struggle. My mom just went to the hospital Thursday, and I am trying not to worry about losing her too. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. God is good, and He knows what we need.

  16. Thanks so much ladies! It's been incredibly comforting. Haha - Shirley - I didn't even think of that! No wrinkles in heaven. :)

  17. Okay, now you are ruining my keyboard because the tears are flowing! I totally believe it was her and I'm so glad you got one more chance to visit :)

  18. Hold on to those feelings and never let them go. I'm slightly jealous that my nan hasn't popped into my dreams in that way. But if I close my eyes I can feel her and smell her and hear her so very clearly. You must have had a wonderful relationship with her. *hugs*

  19. How wonderful!
    Such an event is life altering.
    Bless you for sharing it with us.

  20. That’s beautiful. I’m so happy that you and your sister were comforted in such a heavenly way.


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