February 20, 2011

my constant companion

this is oreo - my constant companion

she sits atop my worktable and cackles at the birds

oreo decided to go naturally gray - beauty knows no age says she

oreo stalks me

every day - all day

she grabs at my ankle and, well, then she drags along

oreo attacks anything that moves

and most things that don't

she is my protector from anything that doesn't move

oreo appreciates a fine looking mane

she regularly ingests her own fur

you know the rest

the end.


  1. What would be do without out furry children?

    She is such a pretty girl.

  2. O.M.G. give me a spoon (or a big glass of milk) cause I want to eat. him. up.

    he is so cute! I love me some kittehs! and I love fluffy kittehs even MORE!

  3. She is gorgeous! Does she try and make off with your projects as you work? My mom's cats like trying to take off with our saw blades. Thanks for sharing pics of your Oreo.
    Have a great week!

  4. the studio is my oreo's favorite hangout!

  5. So cute! I have a companion just like that, and her name is Nessa. She loves to sit on my mouse pad as though it is a thrown. This doesn't make for easy navigating, but I sure know that I am loved!

    Oreo is so darling!

  6. What a sweetheart! So cute that she follows you around all day and helps you with all your projects! They do act as though you'd be lost without them, don't they. And of course you would be!

  7. Oreo is beautiful. No doubt you are one lucky girl to have such a wonderful furry companion.


  8. Wow you're a lucky lady!! I didn't know you have a cat as well!! He's sure adorable!

    And a great name by the way!


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