February 5, 2011


Man, has this been one heck of a bizarre week. First I have the dream. Afterward, on that very day my hubs makes his final decision career-wise to put our family on a different course - a little scary but exciting. (It's not etched in stone and written in blood yet so I can't get specific.)

So, on that VERY SAME DAY we realize our house will be going up for sale. Hubs begins to round up realtors to interview. On that VERY DAY we get a call from our builder who would like to show our house as a favor to a couple who want the same floor plan. THEN when he learns that we're moving he says that during the recession he obtained his realtor's license and would like a shot at being our realtor. THEN ON THAT VERY DAY he calls back later to say that the couple would love to look at our house


Which would be today.

We had one day to ready the house to show. Yeah. Fun times.
BUT as a result...

studio waterstone eco friendly handbags

my studio...

studio waterstone eco friendly handbags

is so clean...

studio waterstone eco friendly handbags

...it scared the cat.

I need a drink.



I'm trying my bestest to give away that pretty little necklace in the top right column.

Giveaway ends tomorrow night. That would be Sunday at 11:59 p.m.



  1. I know. It gets even more bizarre but that's another story for another day.

  2. Cat doesn't know what happened!! LOL!

  3. Goodness, it's been a whirlwind week for you! I'd say you've had enough to last the entire year.

    Poor cat, but lucky you to have such a lovely, clean studio!

  4. Wow - you have had a busy week! But awesome that the studio is clean, but the poor cat doesn't know what to do. Good luck!

  5. that's all rather amazing..like the universe went into hyperdrive on your life.
    Kitty looks in shock..mine would be if my studio ever got the cleaned up
    do you still have your mom's cat too?

  6. "Sheesh" indeed! That has been quite a week...wishing you luck with everything :)

  7. Amazing! Life definitely is on the move for you.

    Isn't it wonderful how when things are happening at the right time they all fall into place. :)

    Wishing you well with your home move.

    Your dream was amazing, I believe our dreams are very relevant, I am so happy for you. :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  8. Spirited, thank you for asking about Annie. Thank goodness she is being adopted and moving to a new home in TEXAS! My sweet sister is going to drive her all the way from NC!

    I'm sooo glad. I fell in love with Annie and hated to think of her alone in mama's house.

  9. you know what they say...everything happens for a reason. good luck with it all.

  10. Good luck with the sale!!! :)

    Very neat about the dream ref your previous post, and I am certain that Annie will love her new home all the way in Texas. Tig moved all the way to Australia with me and after a wee bit of relocation stress he was a-ok. Now he loves it here.

  11. that's so great for you! great incentive to clean, huh? hope your cat is better...

  12. This is my first time visiting your blog, it was fun to have a look around. I'll be visting again. Good luck with all of the changes in your life.

  13. I'm not feeling terribly sorry for Oreo about this. I'm still a little miffed with her. But your studio looks great!


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