February 21, 2011

studio waterstone: business card case diy tutorial

studio waterstone tutorial moo card case

Do you Moo? I do and I hate carrying my cute little mini Moo business cards around in a boring case. It's doesn't matter what kind of business card you carry, you can allow your true artistic nature shine by creating this easy DIY business card case. Sound daunting? I think not!

What You'll Need:

measuring tape
scrap leather or fabric
scissors or rotary cutter
a sewing machine

What You'll Do:

studio waterstone tutorial moo card case
Measure the length and width of your cards and add 1/2" to your width

studio waterstone tutorial moo business card case
cut the leather (or fabric)

studio waterstone tutorial moo business card case
I had to go with the flow here and instead of cutting straight across, I cut both pieces to match the angle of one of my scraps. You can do the same - just cut one end at an angle.
Or don't.

studio waterstone tutorial moo business card case
I sew around three sides leaving about 1/8" - 1/4" seam allowance.

studio waterstone tutorial moo business card case

Ta - Da! Yep, it's just that easy.
If you do this with fabric, use Fray Check around your edges and rough up the three sewn edges a bit for added interest.

Now you are one hot business card carrying chic!


  1. What!?!?! no bird or flower!!! LOL! (sew cute!)

  2. I do moo but I don't sew. Loving your mini moo card holder

  3. Debi, if I had room, I'd certainly add a bird or a flower. :)

  4. You make the simplest things the greatest! Love it!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I love your work...flattered that you visited my blog.
    Thank you for the kudos on my bangles.

  7. Super cute! How I envy your ability to sew/cut a straight line! I made a camera strap cover this weekend and it completely twisted because of my wonky fabric piecing skills...of course it did kind of a neat candy cane stripe effect that I plan on saying was deliberate :)


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