February 11, 2011

studio waterstone: it's a wrap, studio saturday

I love the weekly wrap - you know that. I love how it makes me feel as if I've accomplished SOMETHING each week! And along with the wrap up comes a delicious, much needed weekend.

But first...do you know about Studio Waterstone's GIVEAWAY? If not, shift your eyes to the immediate right column and there you'll have it. You have so many options for entering that you'd be hard-pressed to find a qualifier. Do you like junk food? You're qualified! See? How easy is that?

Oh, the wrap up...Last week was a little...uh...um...skimpy? Okay, it was non-existent. I'm trying to get back into the groove this week. Want to link up with your weekly wrap? You can even link up if you did something that made you so proud that you simply must SHARE. So, at the end of my wrap - share. It's good for the soul.

studio waterstone weekly handbag wrapup

About sharing...Since LinkyTools is now a PAID subscription service we'll do this the old fashioned way. Add your link to my comment section and as I get the link, I'll add it to the end of this post.

The wrap up? OH!! The wrap up...

studio waterstone weekly handbag wrapup
Recycled leather - soft soft soft

studio waterstone weekly handbag wrapup
[ sold ]

studio waterstone weekly handbag wrapup
Recycled velvet and leather. Yes - VELVET - red velvet.

studio waterstone weekly handbag wrapup
Sweet and cute with recycled leather

studio waterstone weekly handbag wrapup
Ooh. Just ooh.

I had SO MUCH MORE that should have been finished.
But then we cross over into that thing called "LIFE" and - well - that's all I did this week...

...and last.


Now do spill. What are you proud of this week?

Debi got creative in her new studio!

Patty "worked on" her assistant Lola!

Sharon is following her heart.

Moags & Smeet offered some much needed technical advice

Julia played with silk.


  1. I'm glad you got back into the"groove"!! Me too, finally! And thanks to your last tut, I'm making my first zippered bag!! thank you, thank you!


  2. Finally got a custom job done! I'm loving the zip pouches! Red velvet, ooh!

  3. I'm whispering this because it's secret...;)
    *i didn't go back, when, at moments, i desperately wanted to...*

    Lori...You keep getting better and better...Great DOF, and the bags! The bags are fabulous.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Those floral bags are just plain old fantastic!!!

    I am proud to have gotten anywhere with my assistant Lola!


  5. Looks to me like you got a lot done this week, and pretty too!
    I tried to take my own advice this week...you can see it here, and thank you!


  6. Love your weekly wrap. I still have to come back and read this weeks studio feature. I'm loving this blog. BTW- Your photos are sooo amazing, it is the frst thing that drew me to your shop then of course the amazing handiwork.
    This week I got 3 custom oredrs done, and hit 100 sales, so thats my "wrap". :)

  7. Hi Lori. This might help your readers and save you some effort - here is how to add an active link to blogger comments:


  8. Lovely bags! I felt the need to work with silk, so I went out and got some and then made a pair of bracelets.


  9. Gorgeous creations! Thanks again for sharing my space!

  10. I did a bunch of painting this week, revamping some vintage frames and other pieces.



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