March 8, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

Er, yep. I've got a boatload of questions I've been dying to ask. (hows about three?) Questions that, when I ask Mr. W or someone else, they just shake their heads and walk away. So I turn to you, my friends, my dear sweet friends who will... Okay, you may shake your heads and click away. Stick around though. I think there's an important one in there somewhere...

Question #1: After my tutorial yesterday, I played and obsessed during a particularly dangerous fit of post-lunch ADD. Which banner do you prefer for spring?

Banner [A]

or Banner [B]

That wasn't so bad now, was it?

Question #2 and perhaps more importantly: When shopping online, do you think it's necessary to receive a packing slip with your item or is it sufficient to have an invoice via the internet? I ask this in the name of our fair earth.

And finally...


Question #3 translated by Sophie:

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, dinner, blah blah blah?


You are under no obligation to answer all of the questions. Although if you answer number three, I've got a nice piece of raw hide with your name on it.


  1. Banner B and sending an invoice via the internet should be sufficient. Dinner? Pasta Carbonara, mixed greens salad and a glass or two of cab! (That's what I'm having...)

  2. first I was going to vote for Banner A..but upon further looking I think B has more interest to it.
    2. paper invoices are redundant and would be different if there were not numerous places the buyer could view their purchases...but there are so NO to paper invoices.

  3. Both banners are lovely, but I think banner B looks most 'springish' if that is a word.

    Also, while I like having an invoice with my packages, I know I can easily print one from the email if I need to, so no biggie there.

    Amd for q. #3.....well, it's a toss up.

  4. 1. I like banner b
    2. I hated it at first but now I just save the emails in a folder (virtual) and look back if need be.
    3. dinner here for me was french fries and a shamrock shake. Don't judge me I was starving. lol

  5. I like banner B and I have to say that I really like having a invoice when I receive orders but..... I don't always send them with my etsy orders.

  6. 1. I like the first banner. I think it pops a bit more. Both are very nice though!

    2. I prefer not to get a paper invoice unless I'm buying business or craft supplies. In that case, I need one, and I figure it's easier for the seller to split a piece of paper with me, than for me to print and find a use for the extra.

    3. How about mac 'n cheese from scratch?

  7. The first thing I saw and was going to comment on, was how I LOVE your new banner! (B)Funny you should ask! An email invoice is all I need. I work 5:00 - 9:30 pm, my dinners are so messed up that I gained 10 lbs since I started. WHEN is dinner is my answer....

  8. 1. I like B for a spring theme.
    2. As long as I get something, I'm good with an email.
    3. Gumbo was the choice for tonight! And everyone loved it!

  9. LOL @ Shannon - crap now I wish I had a Shamrock shake LOL

    Love Banner B that pink flower puts it over the top!

    I don't need an invoice - save the Earth - especially since I use Paypal - its all there anyway.

    I made chicken with asparagus and brussel sprouts in a white wine and mustard sauce!...and it was good...but now I want chocolate...I've been craving it all day...and I got nuthin.

  10. 1: I really like A. its simple and beautiful
    2: I like invoices with my purchase simply because sometimes I cant remember what I bought and the invoice will remind me who I bought it from and also having a Business card helps!
    3: Dinner will be takeout tonight as I have to work late... I'm thinking Tortilla Soup from the local Mexican restaurant!

  11. I really am digging banner A- I'm liking the larger image of the thread spools, and the close up of that bag at the left is really eye catching.

    I say, no need for paper invoices. in fact, I stopped sending them with my orders long long ago.

    dinner, chicken and broccoli pizza with a glass of sangria. CHEERS!

  12. I love Banner B, invoice via internet is suffice and PIZZA baby!

  13. That's easy!

    1-B (because Sophie is in it)

    2-No invoice! Save a tree!

    3-BBQ hamburgers (it's a nice Spring day in Cali)

  14. I feel compelled to join in...

    1) clearly I'm torn. I'm in LOVE with the simplicity of "a" but feel the colors in "b" are more appropriate. Solution: I'll sneak "a" in from time to time just to make me smile and "ah"

    2) will add this to my shop...paperless unless otherwise requested.

    and 3) grilled chicken salads

    I now feel complete. :)

  15. My vote is:

    1. B. I like them both but B. is my favorite.

    2. I don't want to fuss giving paper ones in my packages and I don't care if I get them or not.

    3. I vote for the fresh, Alaska, wild caught rock fish and yes to dressing for dinner...Enjoy!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I like the thread and sewing machine picture in A, but as a whole B looks more spring-like.(Although it appears that this is a moot point now as B is up there. I'm always late!) I'm all about saving the planet,even if it's one invoice at a time. And I love that dog!

  18. Forgot to add that I now want a milkshake REAL bad.

  19. Banner b is beautiful, love the colors!
    No paper invoices...paypal has one if need be.
    I despise the dinner question, I was hoping I could ask you.

  20. Banner B - more springy. Invoice is not necessary as the green shade guy at our house knows to just log on to my paypal account when he is trying to figure out where my entire paycheck disappeared to. Hey, we speak dog at our house. Besides frequent dinners Layla's current obsession is a stuffed duck that she is slowly dismembering - there are bits of stuffing everywhere!

  21. I like the first one personally, very clean, great pics. No, don't think you need to include a packing slip, e-receipt is great, and the third one, soup! Ha ha. Riki

  22. ~ I like banner B
    ~ an email invoice is fine, since we're all about saving paper and such
    ~ rice, beans, and veggies for me!

  23. I like Banner A better.

    I like to receive a paper invoice with my online purchases because that goes into my tax file for write-offs at the end of the year on supplies, which makes it easier for me to pull everything together. I include one with all of my beads that I ship out because that's a little opportunity to write right on the invoice my thanks for their business.

    Last night was a very gourmet chicken caesar salad from Target between the kids' karate class and ours.

  24. Great photo of Sophie!
    1~I like banner B due to the pink tones which make me think spring!
    2~I always include a packing slip because I had a customer early on in my business who complained about not receiving one. I would love to save paper but it is hard to know if the customer expects one or not.

  25. 1. Banner B
    2. Internet Invoice is fine
    3. Olive Garden Salad and Bread

  26. It looks like I'm in the minority with A but I like that it's a little more streamlined...that said, what you have up there right now is an awesome compromise!

    Email or internet invoice is fine with me, I tend to include a packing slip with my website orders so I can check off the beads but for Etsy orders or single items I don't.

    Don't all puppers want peanut butter? (LOVE the snout shot!)

  27. My answers are redundant by now. Banner B, no invoice necessary and blah, blah, yes!

  28. Banner B and invoice via email.

  29. Banner B is great!

    An internet invoice is fine as long as the customer knows that they are not getting one in with their package.

    Dinner is BBQ chicken, a big salad and some grilled Naan. Sophie would like some wet food mixed in with her dry.

  30. Thank you, thank you Courtney, for telling me what Sophie would like for dinner! And you nailed it, too. :)

  31. Banner A, sending in ivoice via the internet, and blah, blah, blah, Crab Casserole with Broccoli, blah, blah, blah.

  32. 1. personally... banner a... less fussy.

    2. internet receipt fine.. hand written thank you treasured.

    3. meow... meow... meow... me first... meow...

  33. Me likey B. As for the invoice, I'm struggling with this question myself, and just kind of seeing what people are saying...I'm leaning toward leaving it out. I mean, is it really necessary?

  34. 1. I like B best.
    2. No invoice - email is perfect.
    3. Belly rub first!

  35. Yes to banner b, no to paper invoices and yes please to dinner!


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