March 29, 2011

earth shattering, life or death kind of questions

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I know, I know. What with Tuesday's big giveaway question, it seems hard to imagine that I'd load you up with yet another toughie. However, it is Wednesday and that means life or death kinds of questions.

But first, to get you into the mood, I want to show you one of my favorite videos. Are you familiar with the game show, "Cash Cab"? And do you watch 30 Rock? This is a short clip showing Tracy Morgan as he rushes to the hospital to be with his wife before she gives birth. He inadvertently jumps into the Cash Cab and, well, just watch...

Time for this week's burning questions...

1) Are you a lurker or do you jump right into a blog with both feet? (quite possibly a moot question because all of the lurkers won't answer!)

2) When you visit and comment on a blog and the author reciprocates, do you prefer that he/she email you directly to respond or visit your blog and comment?

3) Do you ever fight with your kids as they grab the door handle while your trying to unlock the car door????

I'm looking forward to hearing your answers! My answers: I've been getting more email responses lately to blog comments but I prefer to visit and comment when possible. 3)Yes, but mostly with Mr. Waterstone and we yell just as much as Tracy Morgan. As for my answer to #1, I'm a jumper all the way - big surprise.


  1. I used to be a lurker, I definitely not that anymore, but would not call myself a jumper. I sure fire way to get me to comment is make me laugh. Either email or comment would be fine with me.

  2. 1-I am just not the lurker type. I almost immediately post a comment.
    2-I like e-mail because I almost never go back where I have been, or remember where that was to begin with ;-)
    3- my daughter's 2, nuff said :-)
    Shannon C

  3. I wouldn't say I'm a lurker but I don't necessarily jump in with both feet either. I comment occassionaly and try to comment when I find a new site with a great post.

    I don't really have a preference between email comments and visits and comments. I sometimes reply with emails and often visit bloggers that comment.

    Probably a couple times a month we do the unlock the door/lift the door handle at the same time, a couple times in a row. I don't know why since she should be able to hear the door unlock! :)

  4. 1. Big shocker - I usually jump right in!

    2.I like to visit the commenters blog/have them visit me because;
    A. I might like it.
    B. The emails confuse me.
    C.It gives them some nice return visits.
    D. unless they/or I ask a direct question - then I will answer directly.
    3. Cars a nightmare - but usually a door is left open somewhere and the lights flash on and off while I'm driving and everyone starts to scream - it's relaxing.

  5. i'm a semi-lurker..i read a number of blogs but don't always leave a comment
    I don't really have a preference between email comments and visits and comments

  6. 1. Definitely lurker.
    2. Visit my li'l ole blog.
    3. I've heard of kids.

  7. 1. More of a jumper
    2. Either, but I love a visiter
    3. Yes, so annoying! But, how about when the hubby locks the doors and starts driving away as I stand there looking uber cool yelling while he has a big 'ol smile on his face.....

  8. 1. Lurk a while and then jump in.

    2. I like both. I like visitors to my blog, but I'm such a sporadic writer that it might be old stuff for them to read.

    3. I'm the one who grabs the handle before the door is unlocked and causes husband and daughter to become agitated - in a completely kind and loving way. :p

  9. Used to be lurker, now a jumper, the email response is nice but not expected and not any more!

  10. I might be considered a lurker because I don't always comment. However, I prefer only to comment when I have something to say about the post--as opposed to just putting something out there just to comment....make sense?

    As for #2, I like both. I don't want to carry on a conversation on a blog post but would rather do that in an email. That being said, I do like it when the blogger reciprocates via my own blog.

    And on to #3, yes, but not so much now that the two oldest are away at college.

  11. 1-Confessed lurker.
    2-If I had a blog, I think I'd like comments on my blog. But e-mail is ok, too. (Helpful, huh?)
    3-My kids all have 4 feet and their own doors.
    And since I'm commenting, I love your sense of humor and your blog:)

  12. 1. I'm a blabber.
    2. Either is fine for me, but I guess comments on the blog are a wee bit more fun.
    3. LOl. Yes!

  13. 1. A jumper!
    2. Love to comment back in email so that we can continue the conversation. When a blogger responds to my comment on their blog there is little chance that I will ever see it again! But I love to reciprocate with a comment on their blog as well, and might find another blog I have never found before!
    3. I have to watch that when I get home as I can't now, but I have the battle for the handle with my son who is usually hopping out before the ride has come to a complete stop!
    Enjoy the day!

  14. 1) I tend to be more of a lurker, but like Anne am more likely to comment if the blog makes me laugh.

    2) If the author is going to respond to my comments, I would prefer to get an email back instead of subscribing to their comments and receive notification emails on every comment posted. I have learned on some (ahem) that I must subscribe to the comments to see yours, I mean the blogger's response. For some (I mean you), it is worth it and I enjoy the other comments (like the way Patty finds flashing lights and screaming to be relaxing).

    3) No, I used to fight with the spouse about waiting to lift the handle before unlocking. But now passive aggressively, I have stopped trying to be helpful in unlocking the doors and let him do it his own self! Grrr.

  15. 1.) Lurker or jumper? Well, both, really - I lurk until I feel comfortable enough, and then heaven help you 'cuz I tend to be a' raising those hands and jumping up and down in excitement! ;)

    2.) Uhm, both? The email responses are so personal and it's fun to develop relationships that way, but I also like seeing those comments on my own blog too.

    3.) Right now I'm more concerned with teaching the 5 year old to not slam the door of the new car into the fire extinquisher that *someone* placed to close to where the car is parked in the garage....

  16. When I first started blogging I did comment on every blog I read but as I started to follow more and more blogs I realized that isn't always necessary especially if I have no advice or experience to apply to it. I do not follow a blog unless I have read a few posts and find a common thread between us. I also e-mail all comment replies if I can. I have an 18 year old girl and 5 year old boy so you can only imagine my world! LOL

  17. I used to be a blurker but no more! I love to comment :-) before I had my own blog I used to think they won't know who I am/care what I think but now although that still hold true as much as it ever did (!) I happily comment away as much as I feel like! Now that I have a blog I know how much I appreciate comments. I love either comments or emails, it's nice to know that the other person cared enough about your comment to take the time to respond in some way although of course it's totally fine if they don't!

    I don't drive or have kids....but I do remember it happening when I was the kid!


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