March 2, 2011

featuring studio spaces: jenn duval of clay chic

It's time for Featuring Studio Spaces! Each week we will feature an artist and his or her creative space. We'll gather lots of juicy tidbits ranging from inspiration to design and functionality.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

This week's featured artist is Jenn Duval of Clay Chic. Jenn creates mouth watering jewelry using sterling silver. The spinner ring shown below is just one of my favorites. After the interview's over, be sure to visit Jenn's Etsy shop and blog to check out all of this talented artists offerings.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

Tell us a little about the work you do in the studio.

I am a self taught jewelry artist. I originally started out working in polymer clay (hence the name ClayChic (definitely think long and hard before choosing a business name, I am stuck with a name that does not apply to my work now). I started making my own bezels for my polymer clay and fell in love with working with silver and other metals and so here I am designing and selling my own jewelry in my Etsy shop.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

Did you have a specific inspiration when organizing your space?

My inspiration was organization, I like to have a very organized space and so I tried to find units and things that would help with that.

Name one (or more) things that work especially well for you?

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

I really love the shelving unit I have, I purchased it from a woman whose store was going out of business. It has adjustable shelves and I made the curtains so that all my stuff can be neatly hidden behind them. I also love my peg board and my plastic drawer units. Everything has to have it's place, I am a bit of a neat freak.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

Level of importance: design aesthetic or functionality?

Definitely functionality, see question #3

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

Is there something that youʼre constantly having to work on overcoming and what have you done/do you do to rectify this situation?

For me it is staying on task, I tend to start one project or order and then jump to working on another jewelry design I've been thinking of. So I have set a a type of reward system for myself. Once I finish one order I take a little time for myself to just play, this has helped to keep me on track.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

Do you use/prefer/need artificial light or natural light?

I prefer both and use both for creating my jewelry and photographing it.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

Show me interesting tidbits about your studio.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

The first interesting tidbit is the great staircase up to my studio and then my two heeler dogs who love to come and keep me company.

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

How has having your own creative space affected your work?

studio waterstone jenn duvall Clay Chic

It is really nice to have my own creative space that is in a room that I can go to and shut the door so that I do not bother my family and they don't bother me :o)

Unless of course my teenagers are hungry or have dirty clothes to be washed.

Thanks so much, Jenn. LOVE your space and your log cabin!


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  1. Once again, Blogger is glitching! My apologies to my readers if you're trying to comment. Currently Blogger is wrestled to the floor, I have "him" in a headlock, and he's crying "GIVE!"

  2. Great interview and a wonderful artist! Very appropriate for me as I just got my soldering book I ordered, and Jenn is a real inspiration!
    You are inspiring as well Lori, you share and share all the time, thank you!

  3. Wonderful space. I love the railing! All of the storage and organization is an inspiration!

  4. Love these peeks into everyones creative world! I like what she did with the curtains too I don't want to look at my stuff either! Her work is lovely!


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