March 23, 2011

featuring studio spaces: Megan Eckman of Studio MME

It's time for Featuring Studio Spaces! Each week we will feature an artist and his or her creative space. We'll gather lots of juicy tidbits ranging from inspiration to design and functionality.

studio mme megan eckman

Today's interview is with an artist I've admired for some time now. In fact, you could say I've practically stalked her from her Facebook page to her Etsy shop and now her wonderful new website! I'm talking about Megan Eckman of Studio MME. Without further ado...

studio mme megan eckman

A little bit about the work I do in the studio...

studio mme megan eckman

I’m a pen and ink illustrator so most of my time in the studio is spent researching images and getting messy (okay, more like neat) with my pens and pencils. I just purchased a new monitor so I can save my eyesight when I’m touching up my illustrations in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet. I’ve also started a new line of canvas home d├ęcor items so a new table has been erected behind my desk to serve as the official ‘screenprinting’ area. That is where the real mess takes place!

One or two things that work well for me...

studio mme megan eckman

Bins! I don’t even want to tell you how many bins my boyfriend (an MFA photographer/bookbinder) own. It’s embarrassing. But we have a clear bin for everything and it keeps our supplies organized and out of the way (although the stacks of bins are getting dangerously high and thus they might start to get in the way when they tip over).

Something I'm constantly having to work on overcoming and what I've done to rectify the situation...

studio mme megan eckman

My desk is large but never large enough. Things constantly pile up and get in the way or get lost in the mess. It’s terrible! My new trick is that every night when I’m done working, I take a few minutes to put thing away, throw away scraps, and all-around tidy up. That way when I sit down the next morning, I’m focused and ready to start. I also take a longer time on Sunday at the end of the day to dust the desk/wash off the ink stains, and give it a good clean. This really helps me from getting distracted later on when I don’t want to do something and dusting suddenly seems like the most pressing issue of the day.

Natural or artificial light?

Natural all the way! Only, when the sun comes down then I have to turn on the lights. But they’re Day-glo bulbs so there’s not much difference.

Interesting tidbits...

studio mme megan eckman

I always make sure the inspiration board above my desk is full of fun pictures and postcards and little notes telling myself my goals and dreams. It never fails to get me going on a new project and it helps remind me why I’m trying to make a living for myself through my artwork. I also have a picture of myself when I was little on my desk. Underneath the photo I wrote a quote by William Blake, “If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.”

How has having my own creative space affected my work?

I’ve found a incredible increase in my creativity ever since I bought my own desk and set up a little niche in the kitchen/dining room. I now have room to move around and jump from project to project, without my roommates telling me to move my stuff off the kitchen table. It also establishes my efforts as part of something bigger: my business. I feel more sure of myself and take greater risks with my artwork, knowing that “I’m a professional, I can fix anything!” It’s a great mentality to have (although it can sometimes lead to a bad end when an experiment goes terribly wrong).


Thank you Megan!
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  1. What an amazing artist! I love seeing the various spaces and how we all have the same problem of stuff piling up. We need those horizontal surfaces, but we fill them up, too. Whenever I dust my house, I am always cursing horizontal surfaces...
    I'm off to check the shops!

  2. Megan is a wonderful artist! I love the details involved when working in pen! Great interview!

  3. Oh I love her drawings!!! .... and it's so true the more you give yourself a serious place the more serious you feel!


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