March 25, 2011

it's a wrap: studio friday, er, saturday

Happy, happy, happy, happy, joyfully happy Friday!


Don't you think that my model looks gorgeous as she brakes free from the bonds of the little black dress? (more so than her homely hoodie flanked mom!) This was her last prom and now I can only hope that we will take the formals that fill a closet and have them altered into nice little semi formals for college. Ya think? One can only hope. It's difficult to see from the picture, but this dress is chiffon and could seriously work a fitted jean jacket and sandals during the summer. Seriously. Seriously.


Aside from finishing my home and business taxes this week (YEAH!) I concentrated on making colorful little clutches and key pouches for spring. So, so in LOVE with the side straps on the clutches! Hook your finger through the loop and you are good to go.



What is the bane of my existence at the moment? Many things actually, but the TOP bane is researching and working on a business logo and attempting to unite my website with my blog. A cohesive look is so important to me - ridiculously so. Branding. It's all about branding baby and, did I say that it's the bane of my existence??? Bane. Bane!

What's your current bane?


  1. The hoodie colour actually coordinates well with the prom dress. :) What a gorgous picture - you must be so very proud. ~Laura

  2. My bane is a toss up between making a favicon (the start of my branding bane) and finishing my business and personal taxes. I'm just happy it is the weekend :)

  3. Oh, you both are lovely! I have a prom dress yet to make! Younger daughter and her friend raided sister's closet for formals to wear to the Cinderella Ball - something for preschoolers, I believe.

    Love your clutches and mini-pouches! I already thought you were well-branded. That is what I have been perseverating about lately. I want to develop a brand/logo/header/new blog look....On top of that I am thinking about narrowing and unifying my shop identity - possibly to my beach bags - but not sure how/if to give up the t shirt quilts. If you have any advice I welcome it!

    And then we are still waiting to hear from the top tier colleges for my daughter....I hate being in limbo. Other than that, there's no bane to my existence!

  4. Looks like twins to me.....

    My top 3 banes would be:
    Coming up with a logo and business card that did not look like a 2nd grader created it, taking great photos and putting them on the blog and finally keeping up with my Etsy store.

    Is that all you say????

    I still do not know how you do it all but I am very impressed!

  5. Your daughter (model) is lovely but so are you, even in casual clothes!

    I've fretting about branding for some time now. I don't know what to do or even what I want as a logo. I wish I could afford the help of a pro!

  6. You both look great!! What a beautiful prom dress too. I've been struggling with my shop name and logo. I think I need to contact a good friend for help soon. Iv'e been so busy I can't even post pictures lately!!! But that is a good thing.....

  7. Lovely girl and lovely little bags! Also plenty of banes but the biggest is figuring out how to get an action plan in place for the "big idea" in my head...seems impossible...

  8. John - join the club. Your banes are everybody's banes. :)

    Jane - Thank you for the compliments. Especially the branded part - it's tough.


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