March 18, 2011

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This morning, while reading an artist's interview, I happened upon a quote that struck a cord. The interviewee said that being a small business owner isn't a "work a little, party a lot" life. It's a 32 hours a day 465 days a year job! A job that requires passion beyond words.

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This week I've felt buried beneath all of that passion and the life surrounding me. That's why I'm taking a little time off - and taking a little time off, for me, means something different from the normal "taking time off". It means that I'm not going to stick to a schedule. It still involves doing - such as this post, or the banner change. (FYI: When you see a banner tweak - know that I'm overloaded and need to veg out with graphics!) It's in my nature to "do" - even while taking time off.

I'm curious about your life. What do you "do" when you don't do?
How do you balance your passion with life?


  1. This may be unrelated to doing when not doing- which I do a lot when I am bogged down with really big deadlines. I always end up doing something when I am supposed to be doing something else. It happens A LOT.
    Lately my new thing is baking. However it's more of a thing I want to do more of because I'm doing too much of the regular stuff. does that make sense? My life lately only consists of jewelry, deadlines, and work. i need to do something that's fun.
    sorry to ramble. your posts always hit such a cord with me. i love that.

  2. Lori, it seems the past few weeks have been topsy-turvy for you. Even without all of "life" happening to you, I thought you had INCREDIBLE output in your studio and your blog. I don't know how you do it! I think it's great to free yourself from the schedule of doing.

    I don't feel I know the answer. I love to create - and that makes me happy. When I create, I feel like I should be "doing" laundry, cleaning, etc. Or I start thinking of all the things I need to do for my blog/shop. When I do those things, I think about what I should be creating. It's a viscous circle. I like to social network, but that eats time. I read a post about doing what you love first - so I tried that - only one day this week - but I sewed for 2 hours before I even turned on the computer. I'd like to try that more often. (Of course, that day, what I sewed was a failure, so I need more time to work out the design....) And so it goes.

    I will watch this space for answers!

  3. Lorelei, you're so not rambling - I completely agree with you! My life is paralleling yours, except for the details, of course. :)

  4. I do something I'm not meant to be doing.....if I'm meant to be working for college, I'll make some jewellery, if I have a magazine deadline, I'll be hopping round the blogs, if I am meant to be organising something for work, I'll find something else to do....when you juggle loads, sometimes you just need to put the balls down, do something else before picking them up again. My schedule is HEAVY...the other option is to put a really mindless dvd on and veg! I hope your break rejuvenates you and you come back refreshed.

  5. Thank you Rebecca! The DVD suggestions sounds nice. Of course, I'd have to have a stack of leather jackets to deconstruct. :)

  6. When I get overloaded from doing, I take time out to do nothing (which might include Soduko puzzles, reading magazines, surfing blogs etc.) Then I feel guilty since I should at least be cleaning or doing laundry or making supper. And when I'm doing that I feel like I should be spending time with my family. And then I remember I haven't made anything for a few days and start feeling guilty about abondoning my biz. It never ends.

    Good for you for taking a break--even if it means doing something else.

  7. I usually turn to art, which I am starting to crave again. OR, I completely turn into a vegetable, which I enjoy also!

  8. I avoid things that need doing by doing other things that need to be done...later...after the avoided thing that needs doing sooner. Nothing like the last minute to whip my tukis into action :D

  9. lol Okay, Kelley, now I'm just confused. :)

  10. When I need a break from whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing, I break out a nice, easy-reading book. I don't want heavy at that point, light, quick and easy to read. Something that will put my head at ease and make me go "Ahhhhh....." with pleasure. And them I'm more likely to dive in with both feet and a head again ;)


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